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Adrien Broner talks win over Ashley Theophane, calling out Floyd Mayweather

Adrien Broner speaks to the media following his TKO win over Ashley Theophane.

Adrien Broner, content with his TKO win over Ashley Theophane, talks to the media about the fight and his future. Here's what he had to say.

On stopping Ashley Theophane despite all his recent distractions:

"At the end of the day, I stayed focused. I knew I had everything to lose and he had everything to gain."

On not attempting to lose the last 0.4lbs to retain his title:

"Listen, I'm a four-time world champion in four different weight classes, we won that belt already, we on to the next one. Like I said before, I will not be fighting at 140 again, I'm going up in weight, I grew out of the weight, and my next fight is gonna be at 147lbs."

On calling out Floyd Mayweather after the fight:

"I don't mean to keep going-on on the topic, but from here on out that "big bro" shit is out the door. From now on he will address me as 'AB' and I will address him as 'Floyd Mayweather.'

"At the end of the fight I was actually gonna go out there and pay homage because even though we got this misunderstanding, because that's what it is right now, I gotta pay homage to him because I've learned so much from him. So I was going to go out and shake his hand, like a man, and just tell him 'thank you'...for giving me this easy money.

"If we do fight, he won't be 50-0."

On what bothered him so much about Mayweather's remarks about him:

"It wasn't about his remarks. It's a thing when you say you love somebody, and you call somebody your lil' brother...but on every interview you go out your way to do, you talking down on this man. How the hell could you talk down on your lil' brother?

"That's like me talking shit about Robert Easter, come on man, that's backwards as hell. I don't know where ya'll come from but where I come from people will get shot like that. I'm not saying I'll shoot him because it ain't that serious but I'm saying...real people don't do things like that."

On his legal problems waiting for him back in Cincinnati:

"Aye what Jay Z say? 'We beat cases like Rocky,' we okay."

His thoughts on Ashley Theophane's performance:

"He came to do his best, he was definitely tough, he wasn't giving up, but every time I hit him he made a noise. He made a noise like I was, no homo, like I was stickin' it to him. But I can say he definitely came to fight, but from the first round he knew that I was everything they said I was, a problem."

On a potential fight with Danny Garcia:

"Man listen, I told you I don't discriminate. This is a business. At the end of the day, if me and Danny fight, we fight. But I respect Danny and I love everything he doing and I want him to keep winning. But I'm down to fight anybody. I'm trying to be the best ever, and the best ever don't mean just being undefeated. The best ever is going out there and fighting everybody, and doing your best, and doing what you can do for the sport."

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