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Amir Khan: I'm more gifted than Canelo, better skills

Amir Khan talks about his training camp and his advantages heading into his May 7th fight against Canelo Alvarez.

Amir Khan chats it up with our colleague Marcos Villegas about his upcoming fight against Canelo and his newfound power. Check it out!

Khan on how is speed and power is coming along in training camp:

"It's coming along amazingly. At first I thought maybe it could be a problem putting on the weight, putting on the muscle, but you know I've worked so hard. I've worked day-in and day-out very hard to make sure that I'm gonna go into this fight strong. And the speed's still there, the power has improved a lot. Look, I might not be as strong as Canelo in the fight but I know that every shot I hit him with he's gonna feel it. He's gonna feel every shot.

"I can see the difference because every time I've been training in the ring, I've been training with Virgil Hunter, he's seen a massive improvement in my style, how smart and how calm I've been, how I've been sticking to the game plan. That's what's gonna win me this fight."

On believing the size difference won't be much of a factor:

"I've seen other fights where you've had the likes of Sugar Ray Leonard when he moved up to fight Marvin Hagler. You've had Oscar De La Hoya when he was the heavier guy against Manny Pacquiao. And recently you had Floyd Mayweather moving up and fighting against Canelo. So if you look at those fights the smaller has has always won. And I think sometimes it's not all about weight. It's all about making sure the ring IQ is good, your skills are better, and speed. I think speed beats anything in life. I really believe that I have the same gifts as those other smaller guys have had in the previous fights I just mentioned.

"I know I can go into this fight, especially against Canelo and win it because I'm more gifted than him, I have a better skill set than him, and it's all about just being smart and win this fight smartly."

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