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Dominic Wade: I'm a thug...I might break Golovkin's face

It feels like Dominic Wade's confidence (and his street cred?) is growing with each passing moment

FightHype just caught up with Dominic Wade & Co. for a video interview ahead of this Saturday's title fight against Gennady Golovkin. And while Al Haymon's mouthpiece Sam Watson did most of the talking, Wade himself offered up a few of his thoughts on the fight.

Wade on being on the big stage for the first time:

"I'm taking it pretty good, man. I've been working you know, so ain't nothin' new."

On what makes him different from past Golovkin opponents who were scared of his power:

"I'm me, I'm a thug..."

On his first opportunity to fight for a middleweight championship:

"It's beautiful, I'm ain't gonna get all into the hype right now. When they say 'and new,' that's when I go..."

On his own power that he's bringing into the fight:

"A lot of strength, a lot of power, a lot of twist into it. I'm tellin' you, it's gonna work...I might break his face."

On sizing up Golovkin when he saw him in person:

"He ain't too much bigger, I'm longer than him and everything. Look [showing his fists to the camera], that's what gonna do it right there. These ain't little."