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Donaire vs Bedak: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Nonito Donaire faces Zsolt Bedak this morning in the Philippines.

Today in Cebu City, Philippines, Nonito Donaire returns to action to defend his WBO super bantamweight title against Hungary's Zsolt Bedak. Live coverage will begin at 6 am EDT. The fight will air on ABS-CBN in the Philippines, and American fans can order the live streaming pay-per-view at for $14.95.

Donaire (36-3, 23 KO) won the vacant 122-pound belt in December, beating Cesar Juarez in Puerto Rico. That was an action-packed fight, and Donaire's third win in a row after moving back down from featherweight following a pretty vicious beating from Nicholas Walters in October 2014. Donaire, 33, has held world titles at 112, 118, 122, and 126, plus an interim belt at 115, but he does seem to be clearly past his prime.

Bedak (25-1, 8 KO) is a former amateur standout whose pro career has been pretty pedestrian. His biggest fight came in 2010 against Wilfredo Vazquez Jr, when Bedak challenged for this same WBO super bantamweight belt, and was stopped in the 10th round, trailing on all three scorecards. He's won 10 straight fights since then, but against weak opposition -- five of those fights were scheduled for six rounds, and he hasn't been in a scheduled 12-round fight since the Vasquez loss.

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Nonito Donaire def. Zsolt Bedak by TKO (2:44 of round 3)

Paul Fleming def. Miguel Angel Gonzalez by unanimous decision (96-93, 97-92, 97-92)

Mark Magsayo def. Chris Avalos by TKO (1:55 of round 6)

Jason Pagara def. Miguel Zamudio by unanimous decision (99-91, 98-92, 98-92)

Rocky Fuentes def. Romnick Magos by majority decision (78-74, 76-76, 78-74)

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Round 1: Bedak has the (lack of) size that Donaire usually feasts on, but he's also not an aggressor, and Donaire doesn't lead action well. It's just not his game. Fairly slow first round, lots of posturing and feinting, not much action. Donaire landed a nice hook to the body. Bedak's best shot was a right hand to the head. Donaire 10-9

Round 2: Bedak hurt on a hook and then he’s down. Half of the round left Bedak is on bad legs and his nose is bloodied. Donaire looking for one big shot, but not going wild. Another hook flies in, just misses. Some uppercuts get partially blocked. Bedak opening up, which is a questionable decision, but what else is he gonna do? Cuffing right from Donaire, left hook again whizzes past Bedak's head, but then another hook drops Bedak again. This is the mismatch expected. Donaire 10-7, 20-16

Round 3: Donaire poking his jab out to start the round. Bedak throwing long rights that leave him wide open, but Donaire not biting just yet. Uppercut rocks Bedak's head back, then another one comes in, not quite clean. Donaire now headhunting and looking for the big finish. Right hand and Bedak is ruled down again. Mora talks to him and decides to call it off. Fine. Donaire TKO-3


Round 1: And Paul Fleming goes down on a left hand about 40 seconds in. Then nobody can figure out who goes to a neutral corner. Weird. He looks fine, though. Just got caught on a shot that dropped him. Fleming up and boxing on. Gonzalez not pressing, knows that the knockdown wasn't heavy or anything. Gonzalez looking to land from distance, Fleming keeping a high guard. Gonzalez 10-8

Round 2: First half of the round is a bunch of nothing. Gonzalez with a body shot. Fleming throws a left up top, blocked. Fleming so far fighting like he’s hoping for a single knockout shot. No consistency on offense in first two rounds. But Fleming landed a few nice counters, so. Fleming 10-9, Gonzalez 19-18

Round 3: Fleming doing the cleaner work, landing to the body some this round. Not exactly a thriller thus far. Sloppy style clash at times, too many lulls. Fleming 10-9, 28-28

Round 4: Fleming turning up the heat to start this round, maybe feeling comfortable that he's got little to really worry about from Gonzalez. I mean outside of the flash knockdown, this fight hasn't really been that close. Gonzalez now trying to up the tempo in return, but he can't get through Fleming's guard cleanly. Fleming 10-9, 38-37

Round 5: Gonzalez with a 1-2, Fleming back with shots to the body. Fleming's defensive ability has set him apart so far, probably more than anything else. He's clearly the better technician and the defense has been a big plus. Styles not meshing for action. Fleming nicks another round, but Gonzalez was a bit better here. Fleming 10-9, 48-46

Round 6: Both guys trying to counter, but Fleming is the one who more often looks to lead the action, too. Gonzalez maybe getting to Fleming just a bit, but Fleming able to keep distance pretty effectively, then come back in with a shot or a 1-2. Fleming still mostly in control. Fleming 10-9, 58-55

Round 7: If Gonzalez were a better aggressor, this might be a really interesting fight. Fleming's class on display this round. Fleming 10-9, 68-64

Round 8: My interest in this has dropped off a damn cliff. I'm just looking at it at this point. I have nothing to say. I have no reactions. Fleming 10-9, 78-73

Round 9: Fleming. Gonzalez. Gonzalez and Fleming. Fleming 10-9, 88-82

Round 10: TV seems to think this fight was more competitive than I did. Nobody seems to think it was much fun to watch, though. Fleming 10-9, 98-91


Round 1: Both guys apparently talked a good deal leading up to the fight. This is a step up for Magsayo, a notable featherweight prospect. Magsayo swinging big shots early, Avalos complaining of a head clash. Avalos looking to mix it up, now they're holding on the inside. Referee tries to let them fight out of it. Good right hand from Magsayo, he thinks he has Avalos hurt, but maybe not as much as he thought. Magsayo really revved up for this fight. Avalos can't get the angles, but he's there. Magsayo 10-9

Round 2: Magsayo comes out VERY fast and he's unloading on Avalos. Landing clean shots, and Avalos is reeling. Big clean shots and Avalos is somehow on his feet! Magsayo with more clean shots! Avalos getting smashed in there! Avalos trying to get his legs back, Magsayo slowing down now. There's another right from Magsayo, though. Avalos showing a lot of toughness in this round. He’s gotten his legs back. Avalos trying to jab now, slow it down and find some range. Avalos almost clips Magsayo with a couple shots, just missed, though. Avalos catches Magsayo a bit at the end of the round. Magsayo 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Avalos coming out and pressing a bit more this round. But Magsayo catches him with another left hook, and spins out of the ropes at the same time. Avalos' lack of hand speed hurting him here. HARD left from Avalos, and Magsayo is down! Well, so much for that, I guess. Anyway, Magsayo's up and holding, now throws a big reckless right hand. Avalos has him cornered. Magsayo is in trouble. But he holds his way through that. Magsayo fighting like a dummy, to be honest. He's really not looking good now. This is a tough round for him. He may have punched himself out in the first minute of the second round. Avalos 10-8, 28-28

Round 4: Avalos has a lot of confidence as this round starts. Magsayo has no consistent output right now but he's swinging wild shots now and then that Avalos has no problem avoiding. Magsayo with a right hand. Avalos staying active and looking to do some body damage in close, then a left hook up top. Avalos' body work is making the difference right now, I think. Magsayo just looks frustrated. But there's a little left from Magsayo, still just one shot, though. Magsayo eats a 1-2. Avalos 10-9, 38-37

Round 5: Magsayo lands a nice left early. Magsayo throwing haymakers more than he’s throwing real combinations anymore. Magsayo hurts Avalos again with 50 seconds left on a left hook! Avalos on his bike trying to avoid the Magsayo charge, and Magsayo can't catch up to him. Another clean right from Magsayo, Avalos taking punishment as the round winds down! Two more big shots from Magsayo as the round ends! Magsayo 10-9, 47-47

Round 6: Chris Avalos does not look good coming out for the sixth round, but out he comes. Avalos being cracked again, referee stops it and the towel comes in at the same time. Magsayo TKO-6


Round 1: Pagara throwing some nice shots early. Zamudio stuck in concrete a bit, but does land a counter hook when Pagara lingers a bit too long. HARD left hook from Pagara, good shot. Zamudio moving forward a couple times, but isn't quick on the way in, and Pagara retreats easily. Right hand from Pagara, hook back from Zamudio doesn't get there. Little left from Pagara. Pagara 10-9

Round 2: Pagara just looking quicker with the hands and feet. Pagara smashes Zamudio with a few good shots, Zamudio doesn't even move, just stopped in his tracks like a deer in the headlights there. Pagara landing nicely to the body, too. BIG right hand from Pagara. He's got 10 seconds, but Zamudio is holding in close. Big round for Pagara. Pagara 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Pagara sticking and moving here, making it look like the tutorial on a boxing game at moments. Two, three shots and out, two or three shots and out again. Zamudio just too damn slow. But he's landing shots here and there and does have somewhat heavy hands. Thudding right from Zamudio, but Pagara landed a hook there, too. Biiiig hard low blow from Pagara and Zamudio screams and grimaces in pain. Referee giving him time. Commentary: "Let's see if he quits!" Back underway and Pagara complains of heads clashing, referee tells them to keep fighting. Little exchange to end the round. Pagara 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Big exchange here in the first minute, and Zamudio goes down 45 seconds in! But it's called a slip. He was hurt, though. Zamudio landing one shot for every few that Pagara gets in. Pagara's not exactly Amir Khan but the hand speed advantage is notable. Pagara headhunting as we reach the halfway point. Zamudio not finding any openings. BIG left hook from Pagara, just barely misses being a huge KO punch. Zamudio taking shots. Right hand from Pagara. Zamudio eats another right. His legs look heavy and he's just taking too many clean shots this round. Pagara 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: Replays of what appeared to be a knockdown early in the 4th confirm that it was a clean knockdown that the referee missed. Pagara warned for hitting on the break a minute into the round. Looking the same now as it has for a bit. Zamudio trying to get in close, but even when he's there he can't get his shots off. Pagara may have Zamudio hurt again, and this time he's going to the body trying to capitalize. Zamudio looking worse for wear in there. Zamudio goes down again, saying Pagara went low. The round ends during that. Zamudio still complaining. Referee, as usual, just standing around and not doing much. Replay shows it was clearly low. Referee restarts a completed round after a few minutes. The referee basically has no idea what’s going on at any point in this fight. It's wild. Pagara 10-9, 50-45

Round 6: Zamudio complains of low blow again. Commentary is right, too. Referee basically saying he’s not seeing low blows, but warning Pagara anyway. This referee is negligent. Or maybe just shitty. Weird round, never feels like it gets untracked on either side, really. Pagara landing more decent punches, though. Pagara 10-9, 60-54

Round 7: Pagara being given extra time to deal with a cut between rounds. Zamudio trying to turn up the heat. He is unfortunately too slow for his pressure to really work out too well. Pagara gets some distance and lands a few good shots. Zamudio's best efforts don't like a lot different than the rest of his efforts. Pagara 10-9, 70-63

Round 8: Miguel Zamudio at 24 looks as slow and tired and worn out as Alfredo Angulo did against James de la Rosa. He's just got nothing here. Pagara continuing to move and land shots when he attacks. Pagara no longer doing the consistent damage he did earlier, but still clearly winning the fight. Pagara 10-9, 80-72

Round 9: Pagara not taking any risks, which is probably wise. No reason to risk Zamudio making the cut worse, because it's a fairly deep cut, and he's surely up very wide at this point. And even without taking risks he's outpointing Zamudio. Pagara 10-9, 90-81

Round 10: Pagara's cut reopens again this round. But a pretty clear win here for Pagara. Zamudio fought tough but his outrageous slowness really did him in. Pagara didn't look great or anything, but certainly the better fighter here. Zamudio 10-9, Pagara 99-91


Round 1: Fuentes is a young veteran, 30 years old but he's been around since 2003 and has had some world title fights. Decent fighter. He's the clear favorite here against Magos, a club fighter on paper. Fuentes warned for low blows about halfway into the round. Both guys swinging. Magos not landing much at all, but then neither is Fuentes, though he's landing more, for what it's worth. And he's throwing punches in combination, even if he's not landing consistently. Right hand from Fuentes, but Magos comes on strong and pushes Fuentes over. No knockdown, quick warning for a headbutt, and Magos extends a hand for a glove touch, but Fuentes ignores it. Good left from Fuentes buckles Magos' knees, and he dips about as low as possible without actually hitting the canvas. Fuentes 10-9

Round 2: Fuentes with a decent hook to start the round, then he falls over again, also ruled a push. Magos' aggression is appreciated, I'll say that. Magos slips while throwing clumsy punches. Awkward fight. The clean shots are coming from Rocky Fuentes. Magos not throwing quite as much this round, Fuentes still able to cruise through it, basically. Fuentes 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Magos trying to counter punch now. Not sure that will work, but nothing else really has, either, so why not? Fuck it, see what happens. NSFW language, you guys. I'm sorry. It's just that it's 7am and I'm tired and this is what I'm doing. Fuentes landing better shots still. Magos lunging with a left hook, too slow. Fuentes winning the fight here, but taking the odd shot. I mean, you gotta give Magos credit for effort, no doubt. Fuentes 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Magos' tape comes loose early in the round, then he walks into a Fuentes shot when action resumes. Fuentes still in control, then throws a shot after the bell that lands, and he apologizes. Fuentes 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: Sloppy fight this round, but Magos is the guy pressing and his aggression is getting Fuentes in weird spots and a bit off balance. Magos doesn't appear to have much snap left on his shots -- these are all arm punches now, but it's still a lot of punches. Magos looks exhausted at the end of the round. He might have thrown all he had into these three minutes in hopes of something big. I thought he took the round on effort. Or maybe I'm being charitable. It doesn't matter. Magos 10-9, Fuentes 49-46

Round 6: Another round for Fuentes, who keeps doing the better work. Magos still working really hard. He's just not very good, is the problem. Fuentes 10-9, 59-55

Round 7: More of the same. The fight has a rhythm. Not that pretty of a rhythm. But a rhythm. Fuentes 10-9, 69-64

Round 8: More of the same, again. Magos does keep fighting his ass off. He gave a lot of effort here. But Fuentes just a better, more polished fighter overall. Clear win here for Rocky Fuentes, as expected. Fuentes 10-9, 79-73

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