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Oscar De La Hoya: Canelo-Golovkin could happen this fall, GGG turned down Hopkins

"On May 8th, we'll sit down and discuss what the next option is. Can it be a Golovkin fight? Why not? Can it happen in late fall? Why not?"

On Canelo-Khan expectations

"It's a blockbuster event. All indications are telling us that this is gonna be twice as big as Canelo-Cotto. We're excited, we're thrilled. Tecate has been doing a wonderful job, all the media. We expect a huge, huge turnout."

On Amir Khan

"Amir's looking good. Amir's looking really good. It doesn't surprise me. I've loved Amir for a long time. This guy is a hard worker, he's a warrior, a trooper. He gets down, he gets back up. When has he been in a boring fight? Never. This is gonna be a good fight. It's gonna be a great fight, actually."

On Gennady Golovkin

"They can talk all they want. That's their job, is to talk and to hype things up. Look, if I was a pitcher and I was pitching for the LA Dodgers, against, uh, San Diego, whatever, I have to focus on my game that I'm in today right now. Somebody's gonna ask me how are you gonna pitch tomorrow -- I gotta win this game first. First things first. Is that gonna happen? It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when, and it's gonna happen soon."

On Canelo maybe taking advantage of Khan's chin

"I think Canelo obviously has to be a little weary and careful with Amir's speed and punches in bunches, because he throws and then moves. I believe Virgil Hunter has him throwing and then circling to give Canelo angles and lose Canelo. It's a matter of sticking to your game plan and fighting a perfect fight. I think the first guy who makes a mistake is gonna pay for it."

On counteracting Khan's speed

"Timing. It's timing. A great trainer, probably the best trainer I've ever had, Floyd Mayweather Sr, told me, 'The way you beat speed is by timing the speed.' And he's absolutely right, that's the only way you do it, timing the speed. And so Canelo has to fight a perfect fight as well."

On the undercard

"The undercard, yeah, the undercard, Jesus Christ! I'm looking forward to (Mauricio) Herrera and Frankie Gomez. Frankie Gomez is looking incredible right now, Herrera is looking in the best shape I've ever seen him. The (Patrick) Teixeira with (Curtis Stevens) fight, that's gonna be -- every fight's gonna be a barnburner. We're excited, man. It's gonna be a great night of fights. ... No, (Lemieux-Tapia winner) is not (next for Canelo). Not even a maybe. Can he be down the road? Maybe. But, look, after this fight, we're gonna sit down as a team and then discuss his next fight, then obviously, you know, the million dollar question is when that Golovkin fight is gonna happen. We'll know on May 8th."

On GGG-Bernard Hopkins

"Hopkins will fight anybody. This guy's a beast. They don't make 'em like Hopkins anymore. But Golovkin didn't wanna fight Hopkins. Who wants to fight Hopkins? Hopkins will make anybody look bad. We're still looking for Hopkins, he wants to do his last, final fight. We're talking about when and where and against who, so we'll have some news shortly concerning Hopkins."

On making Canelo-Khan

"When I thought about Canelo's next fight, I thought about, 'What could be the biggest event? The biggest fight?' And I thought about Khan because he's -- right now, they're the most popular fighters right now on the planet today. Mayweather's retired. Pacquiao's retired. Khan has been looking for a huge fight all his life. He was promised a big fight with Mayweather, Mayweather didn't wanna fight him. He was promised a big fight with Pacquiao, Pacquiao didn't wanna fight him. Now he's fighting the most popular fighter in the sport today, and that's Canelo. And I think Khan deserves it."

On Golovkin saying 'give me my belt'

"Look, Golovkin make a title defense. Canelo's making a title defense. On May 8th, we'll sit down and discuss what the next option is. Can it be a Golovkin fight? Why not? Can it happen in late fall? Why not? But we have to discuss this after the fight. I cannot discuss any fight whatsoever when he has Amir Khan, who I believe is a dangerous, a tricky fighter who can present a lot of problems to Canelo. That's exactly why I put a rematch clause in place, because you just don't know what's gonna happen."

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