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Ray Mancini: Canelo, take off the dress and stop making demands

Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini gives his take on just how good Gennady Golovkin is and what he makes about the negotiations between Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez.

Our colleagues at FightHub caught up with Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini to get his thoughts on Gennady Golovkin's latest performance and a potential unification fight with Canelo Alvarez. Check out what he had to say:

Mancini on Golovkin's performance against Dominic Wade:

"He showed what he's been showing...not that he's a perfect fighter but I'm tellin' ya, his footwork, his balance is as close to perfect as you can get right now. His timing, his selection of shots, he's hitting guys at the right places, he's systematically breaking them down. And I haven't seen a fighter do that in years.

"The thing that makes him so great is not that he hits so hard, which he does, it's that his balance is impeccable. He's never out of position. Nobody is better at cutting off the ring than Golovkin right now. "

On what he thinks about a fight between Golovkin and Canelo:

"Well first of all I think it's a great fight, that's the fight everyone has been waiting for...I just hope it don't get screwed up, I hope that Oscar De La Hoya doesn't start doing the okie doke and change plans...If [Canelo] beats Khan I want to hear him say 'I want Golovkin,' because I ain't heard him say that. Golovkin has been saying that but I ain't heard Canelo say that.

"Look, it's a great fight, it's the best fight out there to be made, don't deprive the fans...Don't let your promoter, your managers, get in the way..."

On who he would give the advantage to:

"I think Golovkin is the best fighter there is right now...If Gennady stays in front of him that benefits Canelo because, I've met him, he's built like a linebacker, he's so strong, but if you give Canelo a little movement it throws him off...Gennady's gonna give him movement, I don't know if it's gonna be a lot of movement but it's just enough to throw him off.

"But I think it's gonna be a firefight...I like Golovkin, I think he's a better fighter, I give him the advantage to win the fight but if he stands with him and goes toe-to-toe, which it will happen eventually, too much pride in both guys, then I don't know. But let it happen, I just hope Golden Boy doesn't screw this up, they don't start backtracking, and just let the fight happen."

On the weight issue being the main roadblock to making the fight happen:

"Canelo, why don't you take off the dress?! No seriously, quit making demands. If you're gonna say your the middleweight can stay at 154-155, let him weigh what he wants, and then fight him. When Ray Ronbinson moved up to fight Jake Lomatta, Ray Robinson weighed 148lbs. He didn't move up. Those days are gone. These catchweights are crap. If you say you're gonna fight for the middleweight title, then fight for the middleweight title. Let him weigh what he wants, and you weigh what you want, and fight for the title!

"You know what the difference between 154 and 160lbs is? Two glasses of water. That's all. When a fighter is dried up, you drink two glasses of water and now you've put on five pounds. That's all it is. It ain't got nothing to do with nothing - it's two glasses of water.

" heard what Gennady said, he called him out. If you start [demanding] catchweights you got 20,000 that are gonna boo you out of the joint. Just be the champion that you are, step up, whatever weight you want to come in, let him be at the weight he wants to come in, and boom, make the fight happen."

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