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GIF: Watch Jezreel Corrales shock Takashi Uchiyama in two rounds

Jezreel Corrales came out of nowhere today to stop Takashi Uchiyama in Tokyo, and we've got the highlights.

Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images

As was reported earlier on the site, top super featherweight Takashi Uchiyama suffered a major upset loss this morning in Japan, as little-known Jezreel Corrales came to Tokyo and scored a stunning second round TKO victory, dropping the long-reigning champion three times.

The full fight is available online, but if you can't watch video right now or don't have a whole, you know, six minutes to watch the entire fight, we've got the knockdowns for you.

Uchiyama (24-1-1, 20 KO) went down for the first time about 1:12 into the second round, caught hard with an overhand left that he never saw coming from the Panamanian southpaw. This knockdown is easily the most significant of the three. Uchiyama had real trouble getting up from this one, and never fully recovered:

Uchiyama went down a second time about 25 seconds later, having never really gotten his legs back. He's hit a couple times here, and then stumbles forward, unable to keep himself up while trying to grab onto Corrales:

The third and final knockdown is just Corrales desperately and recklessly winging shots at Uchiyama, as he knows the round is coming to a close. It's a bold strategy, Cotton, and it pays off. Corrales clearly didn't want Uchiyama to get a rest in the corner and a chance to find his legs and compose himself:

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