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Manny Pacquiao attacked outside Japanese restaurant

Manny Pacquiao was rushed by a lone assailant outside of a Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles yesterday. The man reportedly cussed out and tried to put hands on the 8-division champion.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Apparently Manny Pacquiao is no longer beloved the world over as he was attacked yesterday by a man who rushed him outside of a Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles. Reports indicate that a white male quickly approached Pacquiao after a lunch with his entourage and hurled insults at him before supposedly trying to put the beats on Pacquiao, but was held back.

"He was shouting at Manny. F*** you, Pacquiao! F*** you! You homophobe!" said David Sisson [Pacquiao's personal assistant], who described the person as "white and quite big."

During the fracas Pacquiao told those with him to not hurt the man and to let him go, also telling them to "forgive him as God would." The altercation is obviously believed to have been provoked by Pacquiao's recent controversial statements when he called homosexuals worse than animals.

"I don't know how he got close but I really thought he was going to hit or punch Manny because he came in fast. He almost got to Manny," said Sisson, who fluently speaks the Visayan language and Filipino.

Security for Pacquiao might need to tighten up in the aftermath of this incident. Pacquiao is scheduled to take on Timothy Bradley in their third meeting this Saturday night, with yours truly drawing the live coverage assignment for BLH.

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