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Pacquiao claims he was 'misquoted' in controversial statement about homosexuals

Manny Pacquiao claims he was misquoted in his recent controversial statements about homosexuals.

On politics

"My focus is to serve the people. If I win the Senate seat, it's going to be a big responsibility and hard work."

On comparing boxing and politics

"Boxing is a difficult very sport. Politics is different, I enjoy helping people. When you serve honestly and you're helping them, you enjoy it."

On the third fight with Bradley

"I'm expecting a more aggressive Bradley because of his new trainer, Teddy Atlas. We saw that his last fight. I believe we can create more action compared to the last two fights."

On the controversial comments he made about homosexuals

"That interview was a long interview, 5 to 10 minutes, and they cut it short. They misquoted the interview, they made it short. I told them that I'm not condemning them, I'm not condemning anyone. In fact, I love them. Who am I to condemn them? I'm only a person, a human, a single person. Who am I condemn them? What I'm condemning is the act. But they cut it. That's what happened."

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