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Pacquiao vs Bradley III: Atlas on Bradley's hard work, 'animosity' with Roach

Teddy Atlas discusses his relationship with Timothy Bradley, the work they've put in, and Freddie Roach saying that he and Atlas don't like each other.

On his second camp with Timothy Bradley

"You hope you get to the same place, success. A good place! It's not the easiest thing in the world. I don't do anything special and I try not to make a big thing of it, but there's a difficulty in this business, especially for the fighters. They're the ones that are dealing with the hardest part of the job.

"I laugh sometimes, when you're in this business -- you look at football, baseball, basketball, all these coaches that sometimes wind up with ulcers and stuff like that. I'll take that seven days a week, twice on Sunday, compared to this business. And I respect all those guys, the Belichicks and the Phil Jacksons, all these great coaches that do what they do in these other sports. But again, I'll take it twice on Sunday and every day of the week, because in this business, you only got one guy, and you gotta get it right.

"In the other business, you got 11, you got 10, you got five. One guy could be off, two guys could be off, four guys could be off, five guys could be off, you still can make up for it, you can replace them. God forbid it doesn't go right, you play again the next day, you play again two days later, you play again next week. Not this business. There's an absoluteness, a finality to it. It's one time. That's all you can count on. One time, one person.

"I'm just speaking truth. To get it right over an eight-week camp, to balance everything right, and with all the things floating in the air that can come and sabotage ya, BANG! Intangible things can come out of the air and just change, God forbid. Change everything. Mentally, physically, psychologically. For eight weeks, to have your responsibility to that human being, that person, that fighter who trusts you, to get it just right, it ain't easy, and you hope to God that you're fortunate enough to get it just right. That on that night for 36 minutes, it will all be there.

"We got it just right in the Rios camp. We were fortunate. I was fortunate, I was blessed in that way, because I have a great fighter. We did our best. Every camp's different. Things come differently. We had an extra week in this camp, but at the end of the day, I feel we got it right. But all that matters, and all you guys are gonna care about, is what happens on Saturday. That's all that matters."

On whether the burden is lessened this time

"It's bigger. Because of what this fight means. Look, without the Rios fight and without the Rios win, we don't have this fight. That was the biggest, but we are here now. We are here. We were blessed enough to get past that, and we are here. This is everything for this kid, for his history, for his legacy, for his family, for the things they went through, and for me, for my family.

"This fight, with an iconic fighter, with this kind of special fighter who's probably going away from the business, this'll be the last chance to get it right. And my responsibility is to help do that, and I don't wanna screw it up."

On Freddie Roach saying there's animosity between himself and Teddy

"What happened when Michael Moorer went to him in that fight? It's true. Michael Moorer left for the rematch with Holyfield, and he went with Freddie. And the result -- what was the result of that fight? I have no -- I mean, where would my animosity be?

"Listen, all I care about is my responsibility to my fighter. He thinks differently, but we're all different, and that's his right to think differently, and God bless him. He thinks that he should be talking about these things, and that there should be attention paid to these things. I don't think there should be. I don't think it should be about me. Especially about me. About him? Maybe, but not about me.

"It's about the fighters. They're the ones that take the risk, they're the ones that get in the ring, they're the ones that God forbid, can get out of the ring with less of themselves than they go in there with. They're the ones that are important! Definitely not me. That's for sure. That's why I have nothing to say about that stuff, because I shouldn't."

On what he thinks people will say about Bradley on Sunday

"Are you the Amazing Kreskin? Do you know? If you know, tell me! I just hope to God that we, like everyone, that when you work hard at something, that you can show it Saturday night. I hope to God we can show what we worked so hard to show, how special Timmy is."

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