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Pacquiao vs Bradley III: Freddie Roach says retirement talk hasn't come up in camp

Freddie Roach says he and Manny Pacquiao never talked retirement during their training camp for Saturday's fight, even though it is part of the plan.

On Pacquiao's shape coming into the fight

"He's great. No fighter I've ever seen trains like he does, and this training camp was no different than any other he's had."

On if there will be a knockout or decision

"I would like a knockout, you know, I love knockouts, but we have to expect a decision. Bradley's a tough guy. He's durable and he's very tough. But you have to expect the fight to go 12 rounds, but I want Manny to dominate the 12 rounds."

On what differences Teddy Atlas might make

"Well, hopefully he'll bring a little more offense to the game, maybe exchange a bit more, maybe make it a better fight than before. I'm hoping that, but I think he might be trying to make him into more of a counter-puncher. Because when he says he's going to get him to fight like Marquez, Marquez is a counter-puncher. Marquez did get that one shot in there one time, and it was a great counter punch, but I don't think he can change what Tim Bradley is."

On how important it is for Manny to win his "last fight"

"It's very important, I think. I always want my fighters to go out a winner. It doesn't happen too often, but it's a great thing when they do."

On whether he can influence Pacquiao to continue

"No, not at all. I would never do that. If he wants to retire, I have no problem with it. There's nothing more I can ask for him to do. We've been together for 15 years. That doesn't happen too often in boxing, or in life. We have a great relationship. He's been my best friend for a long time now. He's been my best fighter. His work ethic is better than anybody's, still, to this day."

On his animosity with Teddy Atlas

"I don't like Teddy, and he don't like me. But that's OK. He said he's a better trainer than me, but we'll see. But I think I have a better fighter than he does that will win the fight."

On whether personal issues with Atlas make Roach want a KO more

"Of course. I don't know why Teddy got mad at me when I took over with Michael Moorer, but he quit with Michael Moorer and gave me a lot of shit after that. I don't care. He's been an announcer for a long time, and I think that's what he is."

On whether Atlas can do enough to get Bradley the win

"No. Once Manny hits Timothy Bradley, Bradley will revert back to what he does naturally, what he's done his whole life. He's a tough kid, though, and he fights really hard, and he always has. But will that change? I don't think so."

On Manny's mindset for his "last fight"

"Over the last week, I finally am happy with what he's doing. The last two days of sparring really sparked me, because he went after his sparring partners, he dropped one of them, and we haven't had that in a long time. I really like where he's at at this point. He's looking like the old Manny Pacquiao that used to sit down on his punches and fire fast and hard. I like what I see."

More on the "last fight"

"We've never even talked about it, to be honest with you. Who knows? It's hard to retire from boxing. It's a very addictive sport. Everyone tries to retire, but a lot of people make comebacks. I remember, I did it myself. And I knew I was done, but it was, 'Give me one more try.' If he does retire, I want him to retire on a win, and that's why we're in such great shape for this fight."

On whether it feels like the "last fight"

"No. This training camp has been like any training camp we've ever had. We've never talked about retirement or anything like that. It doesn't feel like the last fight. I'm not sad yet. If it is the last fight, I'll be a little sad about it. Because we've had a great time together. I couldn't ask him for anything more, though. He's given me everything."

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