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Pacquiao's conditioning coach: Canelo 'probably a little too big' for Manny

Manny Pacquiao's conditioning coach Justin Fortune thinks Canelo may be a bit too big for Manny Pacquiao to fight him.

On Pacquiao-Bradley III

"I think Manny wins the fight. He won the last two. I don't see Timothy doing anything different. Once he gets hit, he'll go back to doing what he normally does. Manny shows us in sparring, if he really wants to turn on, he's still very, very good."

On who Pacquiao should fight if he fights again

"I'd ask for Floyd again, but that'll never happen. With two hands, he beats Floyd. Not easy, but he definitely beats him. There's talk about Canelo there."

On the Canelo idea

"I think he's probably a little too big. I don't know. Probably a bit too big. But he went out and fought Margarito at 154. Margarito's not as skilled as Canelo, but it was a tough fight. ... [Canelo] is good. Look where he's at. He's a good fighter. I don't understand the reasoning of accepting the Khan fight. It's no feather in Canelo's cap when he beats Khan. If Khan beats Canelo, it's huge. But for Canelo to beat Khan, eh, so what? They'll just say, 'Yeah, you beat up at 147-pounder. Big deal.' That's just my thought."

On the Lemieux-Tapia winner possibly fighting Canelo

"Lemieux and Tapia? Lemieux wins that. He beats Tapia. I don't think he beats Canelo. He's a big puncher, but Canelo's also a skilled fighter. I don't think Lemieux beats Canelo. He beats Tapia, though. Lemieux can punch."

On his favorite memory with Pacquiao

"There's lots of memories. The standout fight would be Barrera I. When he came up and stopped Barrera, it was, like, 'Who the hell is this kid?' That's the standout. There's tons of memories. Because Manny's also a good friend. I've known him for almost fifteen years now. But that's the standout fight. When he first shook the world, and everyone was saying, 'Wow.'"

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