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David Haye: Khan beating Canelo makes him an all-time great

David Haye says his friend Amir Khan is the only fighter who can match Floyd Mayweather's speed, giving Khan a good chance to pull the upset over Canelo.

Andrew Redington/Getty Images

David Haye has been consistently going on record backing his fellow British fighter, Amir Khan, as having a great shot to beat Canelo -- despite most of the boxing world feeling otherwise. Haye says that Khan has the same tools, namely speed, as Mayweather, and that if he keeps his wits about him he has a real chance to pull out a victory.

"I've said this all along. Go back to videos and you'll see I'm not just saying it now because the fight is made, but I said the only person on the planet who can match Floyd for speed is our boy, Amir Khan. He's the only one who can do it.

"With that being said, the only person to ever beat Canelo was a fast fighter and now we've got another fast fighter. It's about strategy, speed and punch evasion."

Haye goes on to elaborate that if Khan doesn't trade punches with Canelo, not only does he have a 'massive chance' to win, but that doing so would make Khan an all-time great fighter.

"If he can pull it off, and it's a big if, Amir Khan should be recognised as one of the all-time greats. I truly believe he can and people will talk about this fight for a long time to come," added Haye.

I respect that Haye threw in "and it's a big if" to dial back from his enthusiasm, and I don't fault him for giving his friend a good chance to win. Really, I don't fault anyone who thinks Khan can win. But as far as the suggestion that a win makes Khan an all-time great...well, let's just say that drew out an audible laugh from me. And that's not a slight direct at Khan in any way, shape, or form -- but one fighter beating another when neither are ATGs surely cannot breed one, can it?

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