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Paul Spadafora accused of attacking 63-year-old woman at a bar

Paul Spadafora may be back to his old bad habits, according to some witnesses.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Oft-troubled boxer Paul Spadafora is making headlines again outside of the ring. This time it's due to an alleged attack on a 63-year-old woman at a bar. The incident took place on Monday at the Redstone Tavern, right outside of Pittsburgh. Witnesses there say that Spadafora and his brother entered the tavern around 3pm and began playing pool.

"He seemed pretty, like he was intoxicated, not intoxicated like liquor-wise, but like he was on something else," said Rob Thomas, a bartender.

Another patron at the tavern said that after a few drinks Spadafora began acting erratically, specifically saying that Spadafora "started harassing from the end of the bar to the other end of the bar, ‘Who wants to box with me? Who wants to fight with me?' Everybody just kept their seats, and minding their own business."

Then, when Spadafora came across one elderly woman, he allegedly took her hat, put her in a headlock, and started drinking her beer. She eventually managed to get away from Spadafora and went outside to call police, but Spadafora followed her outside.

"He goes out there ‘cause he heard she was calling the police, and went out, grabbed her and threw her on the ground," said Thomas.

Although the woman laid on the ground for a some time, with her leg bloodied, she was able to get back to her feet with Spadafora leaving the area before police and an ambulance arrived. Crafton Police Department Chief Mark Sumpter said that they are still in the investigative stage, but that they will be filing charges against Spadafora, specifically for simple assault and harassment.

Spadafora (49-1-1, 19 KOs) is known to have a history of drug and alcohol abuse. He hasn't fought professionally since beating Hector Velazquez in July 2014.

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