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Bob Arum: UFC fans are Donald Trump supporters

Nice one, Bob.

Bob Arum spoke to the media and made some asinine generalizations about fight fans. Our colleagues at FightHub caught video of the interview. Check it out.

"Well the UFC, they've done a great job promoting but one thing I've said, and I'll say again, I'll say it straight out - the fans of the UFC are Donald Trump supporters. The fans of boxing support Hillary [Clinton], Bernie [Sanders], and maybe John Kasich, so there's a difference.

"...the preponderance of UFC fans are Trump supporters - white males who are desperately afraid that this country in 20 years will be a non-white majority country. And that's why they're reacting, and that's why they're supporting an imbecile like Trump. And maybe that's why they like UFC."

To be fair, I haven't seen any demographic polls that either support or refute Arum's claims here, but at best it seems somewhat ridiculous. And God knows what to make of fans who like both boxing and UFC -- they must be Damien Thorn supporters.

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