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Floyd Mayweather Sr on Floyd returning, Pacquiao-Bradley III

Floyd Mayweather Sr talks Pacquiao-Bradley III, the potential for a Floyd Mayweather return, and more, kinda.

On how he sees Pacquiao-Bradley III going

"I think that Timmy Bradley's gonna give Pacman everything he wants. I think he might beat him."

On whether he wants Pacquiao to win for a Mayweather rematch

"Man, come on, man. It's a lot of money, man, but I'm just saying, you know -- look, if you made 200 thousands millions or whatever in the game, you've got enough money to live the rest of your life. Shit, I've got enough money to live me the rest of my life right now, and I ain't got nowhere near that kind of money."

On whether or not Floyd has definitively said he won't fight

"I'm not going to say Floyd won't fight again. ... He can be persuaded. He can be persuaded. But if I was my son, I wouldn't do it. I'm not gonna persuade him. I don't wanna persuade him. I want him to go out. I know Rocky Marciano died, but my son still has the record, and he's the best fighter ever, as far as anybody's concerned. He's the best fighter. He's proved that. He's fought the best fighters we had in this era. In every era there are good fighters, and you will have to knock all them down in order to be called the best."

On the seeming inevitability of Pacquiao calling Floyd out

"If it gets like that -- only way I do it then, the money gotta be real deep. Deep deep deep. I mean, for real. I mean deep money! ... It'd have to be more than (the first fight)."

"Sometimes it's easier to beat a guy the second time. It depends on the guy. Because sometimes the guy that took that ass whoopin', ain't gonna take it again. And sometimes he's gonna come in with a different plan. At least they're gonna try to make him change some kind of way. You can always find some kinda loophole where you can do a little something to somebody."

On where Floyd's at right now

"Where he's at right now, I wouldn't fight myself. I really wouldn't fight. He's got enough money to do whatever in the hell you wanna do, man. What in the hell was you fightin' for? All your money's gonna do, you know, right now, somewhere down -- we all gotta die. He gonna die, all the money will go somewhere else. Myself, personally, I wouldn't be fighting for nobody else. There's no reason to fight for somebody else. It's a good thing to leave money for your kids and people like that, but he did all that! There's enough money for his kids and everything. Ain't no reason to fight."

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