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Floyd Mayweather Sr: Broner calling out Floyd is a 'joke,' Devin Haney would beat AB

Floyd Mayweather Sr is making the rounds this week, and, well, he's Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Barring Saturday's Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley rubber match, the biggest story in boxing this month has been the return of Adrien Broner, his seemingly evolving issue with former (?) mentor and "big bro" Floyd Mayweather, and Broner's subsequent calling out of the retired pound-for-pound king.

Mayweather's father and trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr, is in Las Vegas this week helping to promote a fighter he's now training, and has been making some of the media rounds, giving his thoughts on this weekend's big fight and various other topics, including a possible return for his son.

He was also asked by FightHub's Marcos Villegas about Broner calling out Floyd, and responded in typical Floyd Sr fashion.

"Look, man, you already know, that's a joke," he said. "You already know Broner don't even really want that fight, to tell you the truth."

Mayweather then pointed out the young fighter he's training, Devin Haney, who fights on Saturday's off-TV undercard beneath Pacquiao-Bradley. Haney (4-0, 3 KO) is is a 17-year-old lightweight prospect, and Mayweather Sr says he's already beaten up Broner in sparring.

"My little boy right that's getting ready to fight, he would whoop Broner's ass," he said. "He already did! He beat his ass in sparring."

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