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Shannon Briggs appears to have finally talked himself into a big fight against David Haye

It looks like Shannon Briggs' relentless antics have finally paid off.

Oliver Hardt/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Shannon Briggs looks like he'll actually get the big fight he's been looking for. After recently crashing David Haye's press conference in London, Briggs showed up to the Anthony Joshua-Charles Martin weigh-in today and got into another altercation with Haye, and seemed to really ruffle his feathers.

It's now been confirmed that Briggs will fight on Haye's upcoming undercard, where Haye will face little known Arnold Gjergjaj, and should Briggs win (and pass a brain scan), Haye has promised to take him on next.

"The big moron Shannon Briggs - everywhere I go, this guy keeps chasing me around.

"He can fight on my undercard - if he can win, if he can pass the medical, if he can pass the brain scan, then I'll knock him out afterwards."

Haye went on to say that Briggs didn't attempt to get physical with him at the weigh-in, but did admit that Briggs got him wound-up. Now he's promising to knock him clean out.

"I'll put an end to the 'let's go champ' movement. I'm changing it to 'let's go chump'."

I suppose if we learn anything from this, it's that persistent and bombastic stalking can eventually pay dividends in this sport.

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