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Andre Berto: I wasn't letting Victor Ortiz off the hook again

Andre Berto discusses his win last night over Victor Ortiz.

On his thoughts after the first knockdown of Ortiz

"I said, 'I'm not gonna let him recover from this one.' I made a mistake in the first fight, knocking him down with good shots and letting him get back on his feet. But I feel like I was just in great shape, man, and I was gonna catch him. If I didn't stop him then, I was gonna stop him soon."

On Ortiz's knockdown of him

"Man, you know what, I fell asleep in there for like two seconds. He threw me off because he was boxing. I was like, what is he doing? It kinda threw me off my game plan, because we were gonna try to box. I was in front of him, I fell asleep for like two seconds, he hit me with a flash knockdown. My feet were tangled, actually. I just fell, I'm, like, 'Damn!' It didn't hurt me, I'm just, like, 'Fuck.' OK, now it's time to play catchup."

On the significance of the win

"I think out of -- for sure to this date, it was, like, the most satisfying win of my career, just because it was like getting my first loss back. It's been looming for years. I just felt like it was something I had to do. I think it was something that the fans wanted as well."

On the big uppercut that dropped Ortiz

"Everybody didn't see the right uppercut for a while. We definitely worked on it in camp. He kinda threw me off a little bit, but at the fourth round, Virgil told me, and my dad was telling me, he's ducking his head in. Hit him with that uppercut. In camp, it's been sitting in there nice. I saw him leaning in, and I had a great plan."

On the finish

"Mentally, I was just in that dog mode. I knew I let him off the hook the first fight. This time, I'm not letting him off the hook. If I have to try to hurt him the rest of the round, the next two rounds, I'm gonna do it."

On possibly fighting Danny Garcia

"I think it'd be a tremendous fight. I bring the power, I bring the speed, as y'all can see."

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