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Mikey Garcia: Victor Ortiz tried to make it seem like he didn't quit, he's never had it

Mikey Garcia gives his thoughts on the Ortiz-Berto rematch, and says that Victor Ortiz has never had the heart for boxing.

On Andre Berto's win over Victor Ortiz

"I thought it was an even fight coming in, both have had their ups and downs in their careers. Berto was a little favored, a little more active. But I still thought it was whoever landed the first big shot would be the one who won. Victor dropped Berto, but didn't really hurt him, and didn't try to finish him. When Berto hurt Victor, he knew, he went after him, and everybody saw, Victor just didn't have enough in him. He just couldn't really continue."

On Victor Ortiz

"He tried to make it seem like he didn't quit. From what I've seen, and I think a lot of people will agree, he quit on himself. And that's not the first time it happened. He don't wanna make it seem like that. He stood there, he got up at the very, very last second, thinking Jack's just gonna stop it. Jack's giving him an opportunity, asking him, and he pretends or acts like he's hurt, waiting for the ref to stop it so it don't look like he quit. But he quit. He don't have it. He just don't have it. He's never had it. We were sparring back when we were 16, 17 years old, and I was the first one to tell Robert and my dad, 'You know what, this guy don't got it. He doesn't have the heart. He's gonna probably quit one day.' And at that time he was too young, whatever, but he ended up doing it. He did it with Maidana, he did it now, he did it with Floyd, he did it with Collazo. Every single time, he's been dropped and whatever, but when the fight is stopped, it seems like he just decides not to."

"He says he's coming back. I don't know. He said it in the interview. I don't know. He might, he might not. I'm not his manager, handler, promoter, so I don't know what he wants to do with it. He needs to probably go back and reconsider everything."

On if he'd like to fight Victor Ortiz

"I wouldn't care for that fight. What would I gain by winning that fight? Nothing. Maybe a fight just to get back in the ring, but honestly there's nothing really in it for me. There's no interest."

On Berto vs Danny Garcia

"That's a good option for Berto. Good victory right now, looked good. Maybe he gets in the ring with Danny. But I think Danny could probably pick on other opponents who have been more on the winning side than having ups and downs recently. Berto did very good, though. He's strong, he's still active, he just won again, so why not?"

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