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Danny Garcia on possible Andre Berto fight: 'Let's make it happen'

Danny Garcia likes a potential fight with Andre Berto.

On Ortiz-Berto II

"I think it was good, man. It was entertaining. It was like the first fight. They knocked each other down. This time it was a different outcome. Berto was the winner. Great, epic knockout."

On fighting Andre Berto

"Let's make it happen, man. Out of all the welterweight fights, it's probably one of the easiest fights to make, we're both PBC fighters. Any welterweight in the PBC foundation, it's easy to make. The list goes on, the fighters I could fight. Thurman, Porter, Berto, Spence -- it's a list of fighters you can go down, and it's great matchups."

"I think it's a great fight. I'm a big puncher, he's a big puncher. I have a good defense, I have a good chin. It's a great matchup. I think the fans like it. He just came off a good knockout. Anything can happen."

On Victor Ortiz

"I don't think Victor will ever be a top fighter in the welterweight division, but there's still matches out there I'd like to see him fight. Maybe Robert Guerrero would be a good fight. There's still fights out there he can match up well, just not with big punchers."

On Amir Khan saying he'd like to fight in MMA

"Amir Khan said that? Man, I dunno if that's a good idea for him. Them boys throw booming kicks. It's different getting dropped from a punch than a kick. If he thinks he can do it, do it. I'm a fighter. I could probably do better MMA than him, though, because I'm stronger than him, and I got a good chin. If he believes in himself -- if you believe, then you can achieve."

On Canelo vs Khan

"I think it's an interesting matchup. I think Khan's, like, the better boxer naturally, but I don't know if he can withstand the power. Canelo's an explosive fighter, he's strong, he's got a good chin. I don't think he's ever been down. Canelo's probably gonna get the victory, but I wouldn't be surprised if we see an upset."

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