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Andre Ward: Andre Berto can deal with anybody at 147 pounds

Andre Ward praises his stablemate Andre Berto, and says that Berto can handle anyone at 147 pounds right now.

On watching Berto fight last night

"Man, I was yelling all kinds of stuff. I forgot what I was yelling. It's hard for me to watch my friends fight because I can't help them. I'm nervous. It's not that they're not ready, but I can't help them, I can't do nothin'. I'm used to being in control of my situation. It's nerve-wracking, man. But at the same time, I knew how Berto worked, and I knew he was ready, and I knew that he was a different animal physically, mentally than he was the first fight with Ortiz. Taking nothing away from Ortiz with the first win, but Berto was like a shell of himself. Physically, his stuff wasn't right, he had a lot going on.

"I'm watching him in the gym against three, four different dudes, bigger guys, and toward the end of camp, he closed out strong. So I knew he was ready. Even when he got knocked down, I looked at my publicist and was, like, 'He's gonna be alright. That's just gonna wake him up.' I don't know why he gotta get knocked down to wake up, but he's gonna get woke up, and you saw him the next round, man, he went to work."

On what Berto should do next

"Man, I can't say. I don't know. I know one thing, I think anybody at 147, he can deal with anybody. We don't look at it like that, like, 'This guy hits hard, let's avoid him.' Everybody's got something they're bringing to the table. I think he's got action against any 147 pounder, and there's a lot of really, really good 147 pounders. Shawn Porter. Adrien just moved up. Danny Garcia, they're talking about that fight, that would be a tremendous fight against both of those guys. I know the fans would wanna see it. I would wanna see it. It would be a great fight. But I think he's got action against anybody."

On who the best fighter at 147 is without Floyd

"It's tough to say. I think they gotta fight it out to see. Sometimes people wanna name who the next guy is, you can't claim that spot. You gotta earn it. They gotta fight it out. They gotta be willing to fight it out, just like we did at 168. Put your reputation on the line, put everything on the line, and say, OK, let's try to get these belts together and see who the top dog is. Anybody can say on Instagram or Twitter, 'I'm next,' but you gotta prove you're next."

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