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Andre Berto: 'I'm ready to roll' for fight with Danny Garcia

Andre Berto isn't looking for any tune-ups, he wants to face Danny Garcia or another top fighter next.

On his game plan in the fight

"Working with Virgil, it's, stay patient. He tells me, 'We have 12 rounds. Stay patient.' We seen that he tried to change up his game plan, tried to move around and box a little bit, but we know that we're in great shape, and sooner or later were gonna make it happen. We just stayed patient, let him try to do his thing, but keep looking for openings and land good shots."

On Ortiz's approach being a surprise

"I thought he was gonna come be aggressive, but we worked on a lot of boxing, as well, so I was trying to see what he was trying to do, and trying to stay composed and stay behind that jab."

On Ortiz's left hand landing

"From the knockdown, the sun was in my eye, I just didn't see it. It didn't hurt me at all, it kinda just pushed me off my feet. I wasn't hurt at all. But he has a good left hand. I think he kinda caught me a few times just falling asleep in there. But after the knockdown, it kinda woke me up a little bit."

On Ortiz's power being the same

"Not to me. It felt like I was a lot stronger than he was. This time I was in a lot better shape. I felt like I was faster, I felt like I was stronger. It was just a matter of time I was gonna break him down. Little by little each round for some reason, I could see on his face that he wasn't sure if he was gonna be there, or he knew he was in there with a different type of fighter."

On the uppercut

"I think after my shoulder surgery, I took some time off with my uppercut, and that was one of my signature shots that everybody loves. The shoulder's feeling great. I was in camp landing it on my sparring partners, hurting them with it, so I knew it was gonna be something everybody was gonna enjoy. He just leaned right into it. That uppercut has a little heat seeking type of missile situation on it. It finds its target."

On what he thought after the knockdown

"I just watched him. I seen he was struggling. All I can see is blood. I'm not gonna let him off the hook this time like I did the last time. I wanted to finish it. I felt strong, every punch I hit him with, I felt like I hurt him."

On the second knockdown

"I'm waiting to finish him, waiting for the referee to say go, because I'm gonna be like a dog, right on him. ... All the boos, when I walked out turned into cheers. I was in a hostile crowd. We're in LA, we're in his hometown, where a lot of Mexican fans are, but I think I got a lot of respect tonight."

On the Danny Garcia fight

"I think I'm good. Coming off the Mayweather fight and jumping into this fight, I think I'm ready to roll. I just wanna continue having big fights, it keeps me sharp. I have the hand speed a lot of these guys don't have. I have the power and athleticism a lot of these guys don't have. I think I'm gonna continue proving a point. ... I think I'll probably be able to land a few things on Danny. I got much respect for Danny Garcia, but I think it'll be an exciting fight, for sure."

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