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Bob Arum talks Crawford-Postol, Canelo-Khan, and Manny Pacquiao

Top Rank Promoter Bob Arum gives his take on topics including the Crawford-Postol PPV, Manny Pacquiao, and the Canelo-Khan fight.

Bob Arum on what made him feel Crawford was ready to headline a PPV card:

"Well we matched Terence against Viktor Postol, they're the two best 140-pounders in the world. Each champions, each undefeated, and this was the natural fight to start out his career as a pay-per-view star. He has a tough, tough battle with Postol, but that's what people pay to see."

On what indicators leads him to believe Crawford is ready to make this jump:

"You start slowly, and you don't need hundreds of thousands of homes to buy the fight...that's how we started with Oscar [De La Hoya], that's how we started with Mayweather, that's how we started with Pacquiao. You don't start with 500,000 homes, you start with 100-150 and you build from there. And that's what we're gonna do with Crawford.

On if he was surprised to see Canelo Alvarez knock out Amir Khan the way he did -- ice cold:

"No! I mean anybody who knows anything about boxing knew that fight was a mismatch, that Khan would box well for as long as he boxed well, but that eventually he'd get hit on the chin by Canelo and get knocked out and that's exactly what happened - what do you expect?! Khan is a smaller guy, he was probably in the ring at maybe 160lbs, the other guy Canelo is in the ring at 180lbs - they were lucky that Khan didn't get hurt."

On the talk of a potential Pacquiao-Canelo fight considering Canelo's huge size advantage:

"Well Canelo can come fight Manny anytime but that will be part of a debate in the Philippines senate. So, you know, Manny is not a fighter anymore, he's a senator from the Philippines. It's a big, big post and he's got a lot of work cut out for him.

"Any Pacquiao fight is out the window right now."

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