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Gennady Golovkin, Tom Loeffler discuss potential Canelo Alvarez fight

Gennady Golovkin and Tom Loeffler were guests on The Cruz Show on Power 106 FM in Los Angeles.


On the Canelo-Khan fight

"It's not a surprise. Everybody who is a true fan understands. Canelo is huge, he's big, he's too strong for Khan. Khan is a good boxer, but it's a difficult division for him."

"It was very scary. After the fight, I felt terrible for Khan. It was a great performance, but not for him."

On criticisms of his opposition

"It doesn't matter to me. I know my job, I know my situation."

On being under-appreciated in boxing

"I know my job. It's a little bit different situation, outside and inside the ring. I know my job, 100 percent. I'm comfortable, because I know my power, I know my style."

"Not just me and my team, everybody understands who I am."

On whether he wanted Canelo to win against Khan

"It doesn't matter for me. I need my belt. My goal is all the belts in the middleweight division. Canelo is a champion in the middleweight division. It doesn't matter. If Khan had won, he's middleweight champion."

On being ready for Canelo

"I've been ready for a long time. For anybody."

On Abel Sanchez calling Canelo a "diva"

"That's Abel's style. Because Canelo he says, 'Oh, I'm middleweight champion, but I need, like, 155.' What? He knows it's 160. It's not respect to boxing, not respect to fans. Last fight with Khan, who came from two divisions down, this is not respect. It's a business fight. He needs, absolutely, a true middleweight fighter at 160. He's never beaten a middleweight fighter. Cotto's a small guy. Kirkland's a small guy. (Mayweather) is a small guy. Now (Canelo) is a middleweight champion. Come on. Everyone needs a unification fight in the middleweight division. Who is No. 1 in the middleweight division? This is the story."

On being a star in the Los Angeles market

"LA is my second home. I have a lot of great fans, friends, and my team, my training camp is in LA, at Big Bear. This is my home."


On how close the Canelo-GGG fight is

"From Gennady's side, it would've been done already, this last fight. But we have a great relationship with Golden Boy and with Oscar, and he called me on Sunday, like he promised. ... It was a brief conversation, he said it was a big promotion for him, wanted to take a couple days off, and we were supposed to speak later on today. It is by far the biggest sport in boxing."

"When you see Gennady's fan base, he sold out Madison Square Garden, he sold out The Forum. Canelo sold 30,000 tickets in Houston, he sold out the T-Mobile Arena. When you have two big fan bases like that, two popular fighters, two middleweight champions, both on the pound-for-pound list, that's the biggest fight we can make."

On a percentage that Canelo-GGG will happen

"I'll tell you, before the fight, I wasn't so convinced, but with that knockout over Khan and all the fan pressure and the media pressure, I think Oscar and Canelo both understand how big of a fight this can be. The bigger the fight, the easier it is to make. There's no issues, like, Mayweather-Pacquiao had so many issues with the testing, with the TV networks. (Canelo and Golovkin), everything is the same. They even have the same beer sponsor, Tecate. There's no issues on that side, it's just working out the details."

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