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Keith Thurman will target Danny Garcia with a win over Shawn Porter

Keith Thurman has a tough fight ahead of him, but he's feeling good about it and should he win he wants Danny Garcia next.

Brian Blanco/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Keith Thurman has a big fight awaiting him on June 25th when he'll face Shawn Porter at the Barclays Center in a highly anticipated fight. Thurman says he's feeling good after his injury setback which delayed the fight and is ready to Rock N Roll.

And not overlooking Porter, Keith Thurman says a win over him will solidify his position as the best welterweight in the division. At that point he'll look to target other the other titlists in the division, namely Danny Garcia.

"I would love the Danny Garcia fight and I want that WBC belt. I am not a fan of Garcia being at 147lb and he picks his fights - facing someone decent once every three fights. He would have trouble with a lot of the top welters including me, Porter and Kell Brook. The division has three undefeated champions and it is time they faced off," he added.

Obviously that's a sentiment all boxing fans can get on board with. After all, we do want to see the best fighting the best. As for the other undefeated welterweight titlist, Thurman says that Kell Brook has a nice shiny record, but that it really just might be fool's gold.

"Brook definitely has great potential and he did well to get himself a world title. His record is good but it does not have great credentials. We don't really like that over here in the USA, someone with his type of record who has only thought one or two top ten guys."

Surely there are a number of intriguing fights for Thurman in the near future (win or lose), and I don't really blame him for calling out Garcia or Brook, but first things first -- Shawn Porter will certainly be no pushover.

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