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ShoBox - Tabiti vs Tapia: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

ShoBox is back tonight with a quadrupleheader from Las Vegas.

Stephanie Trapp/SHOWTIME
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tonight at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime, ShoBox: The New Generation returns with a four-fight card from Mayweather Promotions, including four unbeaten American-born cruiserweights squaring off in the main two bouts on the show.

In the main event, Andrew "The Beast" Tapiti (12-0, 11 KO) will face Puerto Rico's Keith Tapia (17-0, 11 KO) in a 10-round bout. The two exchanged words and nearly came to blows at Thursday's weigh-in, so we'll see if that energy carries over into the fight.

2012 U.S. Olympian Michael Hunter (11-0, 8 KO) will face Isiah Thomas (15-0, 6 KO) of Detroit in the co-feature, also set for 10 rounds. Romanian super middleweight Ronald "The Thrill" Gavril (15-1, 11 KO) will takes on Colombia's Juan Camilo Novoa (26-6-1, 24 KO) in another 10-round fight, and Uzbekistan's Sanjarbek Rakhmanov (4-0, 3 KO) will meet Alfonso Olvera (7-2, 3 KO) in a six-round welterweight contest.

For a full preview and look at all the matchups, click here.

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Andrew Tabiti def. Keith Tapia by unanimous decision (99-90, 97-92, 97-92)

Michael Hunter def. Isiah Thomas by unanimous decision (100-90, 100-90, 99-91)

Ronald Gavril def. Juan Novoa by TKO (2:08 of round 4)

Sanjarbek Rakhmanov and Alfonso Olvera went to a split draw (58-56 Rakhmanov, 58-56 Olvera, 57-57)

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Round 1: Tapia trying to get into Tabiti's head early, even during the introductions, and then early on with clinches. Jay Nady trying to get control of that. Jay Nady is hilarious here. BACK. STOP. STEP BACK. STEP BACK NOW! STEP BACK! GOD! YOU’RE GONNA LOSE A POINT! Nady’s reffing this fight like he’s in the midst of a meltdown in his daily life. Nady’s gonna take a swing at someone. Nady’s gonna pull a switchblade. Nady stole the show here, but Tapia landed a few and came forward. Tapia 10-9

Round 2: Tabiti with a couple shots, lots of clinching here. Tabiti also baiting an overaggressive Tapia a little bit. This fight becomes more farcical as the round goes along. Lots of grabbing and holding. Tapia screams to ringside, "He keeps grabbing, Mayweather!" Nady involved heavily again, and to be fair he really has to be. Ridiculous posturing so far. Tabiti 10-9, 19-19

Round 3: Jay Nady is not the referee we deserve but may be the referee we need. Tabiti with a couple body shots, then a double jab and right hand up top. Quick hands when he lets them go. Tabiti trying to set up with his jab more now. Tapia throwing in combination. Tabiti with some body work. Tabiti 10-9, 29-28

Round 4: Things starting to settle a bit. There's actually more boxing than grappling this round, and it's fairly competitive. Tabiti 10-9, 39-37

Round 5: Round begins with a hard clash of heads and Tapia throwing a knee. A little exchange and then another clash of heads. Big right from Tabiti, then he gets out. Tabiti 10-9, 49-46

Round 6: HEADBUTT HEADBUTT HEADBUTT. Tapia with some nice right hand leads, and now it gets scrappy when Tabiti lands a couple rights. Tapia rocked just a bit there. Tapia with a good lead right. ANOTHER headbutt and now Tapia is cut under the right eye. Both of these guys clearly have some skills but this is a mess of a fight. Tapia clipped with a shot, falls over, but ruled a slip. Tabiti 10-9, 59-55

Round 7: Clinching. Headbutts. Odd intervals where they box. Jay Nady losing his FUCKING MIND in here. Tabiti 10-9, 69-64

Round 8: Tabiti has taken over this fight to me. TV has it closer than I do, but I think he should be comfortably ahead. He's landing the better shots, especially with the right hands, and moving well when they aren't hugging. There's a quick right from Tabiti that puts Tapia down! Flash knockdown, but a big swing. Tabiti 10-8, 79-72

Round 9: Tabiti fighting measured now, might feel he's got this in the bag, more or less. But not that he's running or avoiding the fight, really. Tapia landing a couple good counter shots, then another right hand at the bell, and a shot well after the bell that Nady warns him about. Tapia 10-9, Tabiti 88-82

Round 10: More of the same, really. Another clash of heads, another cut on Keith Tapia, this one on the left eyebrow. A minute left, though, so we'll finish. Really a sloppy mess of a fight. Not as bad as the one before, but a half a disaster. They continue to both fight and clinch after the bell. Then hug. OK. Tabiti 10-9, 98-91


Round 1: Thomas slips early, but he looks like he was hurt on a right hand. Another right hand. Another right hand. Hunter really ... on the hunt. Hahahahaha. Thomas looked soft at the weigh in and is soft tonight. He is not in shape. Thomas trying to bait him in but gets clipped with another right. Thomas avoiding shots late in the round, on his bike a bit. Strong opening round for Hunter. Hunter 10-9

Round 2: Thomas, who's not really a puncher, looking like he wants to load up for a counter and do some burst damage. You know, like a mage or something. Do some sick DPS. But Hunter is continuing to dictate this fight, throwing even when it's going to be ugly, doing what he can, and landing some. Stepping on each others feet a lot. Hunter 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Hunter continuing to dictate an ugly fight. Thomas not letting him do anything pretty, but Thomas also not doing a whole lot himself. Thomas is skilled and can be really awkward, but he's not at his best tonight. Not in best condition, not fighting his best. Hunter 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Isiah Thomas looking more coach/GM version than player version of more famous one. Ugly fight. Hunter not quite good enough to make it more than that, Thomas doesn't want it to be more than that. Hunter 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: Thomas' corner all but begging him to throw a left uppercut, but he's not doing it. And it does seem to be there, even through my dumb eyes. Working theory right now is Thomas is hoping to tire Hunter out and attack in the later rounds. It's a risky idea if that's the idea. Hunter still winning easily with Thomas doing nothing on offense. Hunter 10-9, 50-45

Round 6: Ugh. Hunter 10-9, 60-54

Round 7: Hunter's production has dropped notably in the sixth and seventh rounds, which just makes this even worse, and Thomas is not taking advantage at all. This is terrible. Hunter 10-9, 70-63

Round 8: apirsojpasjfpoajsvpoj hunter 10-9, 80-72

Round 9: Barry Tompkins: "MORE. OF SAME." Hunter 10-9, 90-81

Round 10: nah. Hunter 10-9, 100-90


Round 1: Novoa gets hurt on a jab and a right hand with about a minute left in the round. Novoa against the ropes, Gavril measuring him. Novoa's legs are wobbly. Fairly easy round for Gavril, dominated the action. Busier, landed more, hurt Novoa a little. Gavril 10-9

Round 2: Really simple fight for Gavril, as expected. Novoa really doesn't have a whole lot to his game, but he's trying, at least. Gavril 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Novoa upping his tempo a bit this round. He's too slow, though. Gavril picking off a lot of his shots, landing when he throws, not pressing or taking risks, which is smart, since Novoa's only hope is a big punch. Gavril 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Gavril continuing to work away, lands a good body shot, and Novoa takes a knee. He's up and tells Russell Mora he's OK to continue. Right hand and Russell Mora steps in to stop the fight at an odd moment, but Mora may have felt Novoa really didn't want to continue. And Novoa's eyes and legs look gone, so it seems like a good stoppage even if it looked weird. Gavril TKO-4


Round 1: Olvera lands a little right hand from some distance, Rakhmanov is the pressuring, though, and he just barely missed a couple lefts. And there's a hook that does not miss. Another hook gets in. Olvera's straight up after he punches and is going to get creamed with a hook eventually. Rakhmanov is really just missing when he does, and is just off of landing dead clean when he lands. Olvera trying to move around. Rakhmanov shutting that down with some body shots, or at least building to shutting it down. Hook from Rakhmanov, then a right up top, and another left. Rakhmanov 10-9

Round 2: Olvera trying to stay busy, body shots from Rakhmanov are coming in hard. Rakhmanov is hyper aggressive, really loads up on his punches. Like, all of them. Olvera on the other hand really doesn't throw anything with any velocity. Still he's landing shots this round, for whatever they're worth. Olvera 10-9, 19-19

Round 3: Rakhmanov turning southpaw at times, throwing ugly but effective shots from that stance. Olvera still trying to stay busy, lands a straight right. He's got no power whatsoever, but he's got a decent plan and is executing OK. Olvera cutting down the right hook now with his right hand held high a lot of the time. Rakhmanov landing a bit more this round than he did in the second, Olvera flurries back with a lot of little pokey shots, then Rakhmanov lands a hard right. Rakhmanov 10-9, 29-28

Round 4: Olvera peppering away, and all of a sudden he stuns Rakhmanov! Olvera winding up trying to finish, Rakhmanov trying to hold. I’m REALLY unimpressed with Rakhmanov’s approach here. Absolutely mindless. Even he knocks out Olvera, there are huge flaws in his game that desperately need to be addressed. Rakhmanov rallying now, but Olvera answers, too, landing a few shots. Olvera 10-9, 38-38

Round 5: Rakhmanov still loading up the left. Not really finding a home for it, at least not clean. Even when Olvera's hand dips and he throws, Rakhmanov throws too far, wrist cuffing Olvera's neck. Olvera with a little combination. Rakhmanov throwing body shots and shoving. Rakhmanov lands clean. Olvera 10-9, 48-47

Round 6: Rakhmanov with a right, and another, and then a left up top. The right hand has been there for a while but Rakhmanov was so hung up on his hook that he let it slide. Rakhmanov doing the better work this round, even if it's not great, but he's leaving everything he's got left in the ring. Rakhmanov 10-9, 57-57

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