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Amir Khan: I'm faster, have better ring IQ than Canelo

Amir Khan discusses Saturday's fight with Canelo Alvarez.

On training camp

"Training's going really well. I've introduced new things in camp. I've been focused on watching a lot of videos of Canelo Alvarez, looking for a strategy to win this fight, but at the same time, doing a lot of strength work, because I don't want to eat my way up to 155, I want to train my way up to 155. So I'm nice and strong at this weight. I feel very comfortable. I'm going to go into this fight very strong."

On doing anything different for Alvarez

"Sparring partners have been a little different. I've got a lot of heavier guys coming in. (Michel) Soro was one of the guys. He was very similar to Canelo, very strong, very big, quite heavy, as well. So when he's throwing a punch, he's very strong, you can feel every shot. I'm used to taking that power and feeling that power as well, and feeling that pressure when someone's coming at you. We know Canelo's a strong guy, he's going to come forward, try to push me back. I've been really focused on what I've got to do. Sticking to the game plan -- we have a really good game plan for this fight. As long as I stick to instructions, I can win this fight quite comfortably, I think."

On not losing weight to get to 147

"It makes it a little easier. The last couple of pounds used to kill me. Now by holding at 155, it's going to be perfect for me. I'm going to be nice and strong coming into the ring, making weight a lot easier. I'm stronger. I'm a lot stronger, because I can keep hold of the muscle. Normally you have to lose the muscle to make weight and everything. I get to kind of keep all the muscle and keep all the strength."

On what he'll do at the end of camp

"We're still working on our strength and keeping hold of that strength. We're still working a lot with sparring, a lot of technique work, and making sure the game plan we have for the fight is gonna be perfect. Every day, I rehearse the game plan and rehearse my skills. We make sure that's gonna work for me in the fight."

On fans coming over from the UK

"You're gonna have a lot of fans come from England. Vegas is gonna be full of English fans. I really believe that is gonna be -- one thing about the Brits, when there's a big fight, they love following their fighters anywhere around the world. I really believe they're gonna come out. I know it's Cinco de Mayo and there's gonna be a lot of Mexican fans there, as well, but I really believe there's gonna be a lot of English fans, also. ... Khan's Army is gonna take over. I just said at the press conference in LA, but I don't think the Mexican fans liked that. That's one thing about the Brits, we know how to make noise, and when we do come, we come in power."

On the weight differential

"Canelo's a big guy. We understand that. And he's gonna be strong going into this fight. I might not be as strong as him walking into this fight, but I am going to be stronger. I know I'm going to be faster, I'm going to have the better skill, my ring IQ is better, and I have better footwork. It's all about being in the right position, throwing the right shot at the right time. I've seen it happen in history, where you have the smaller guy go into a ring, who's the underdog, who's gone in there and beaten the heavier guy. I know it's happened before, and I know it can happen again."

On Canelo's performance vs Cotto

"Canelo's an all-around good fighter. He's very strong. If you're going to stand there and trade, you're going to get hurt. He's very smart. He knows when to throw, when to defend and when not to throw. He's good in that sense. He moves decently. His hand speed is not bad -- a lot of people think he's slow, but I don't think he's that slow. But I know his strategy is going to be different from the Cotto fight. My style is fully different than Miguel Cotto. It's going to be an exciting fight. I'm really looking forward to it. I want to see what game plan Canelo brings to the ring, and how I change my game plan to suit me against him."

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