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Floyd Mayweather reportedly offers Conor McGregor $50 million

Conor McGregor has been offered $50 million to fight Floyd Mayweather, not that this really means anything yet.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Floyd Mayweather has offered Conor McGregor $50 million for a fight, according to TMZ, for what would be a New Year's Eve event in Las Vegas, a fitting enough proposed date for this fantasy, where everyone could watch a ridiculous farce of a sporting event, vomit all over their nicest shoes, and then lie to themselves that everything will be better in 2017.

TMZ also notes that Mayweather has not yet spoken to UFC's Dana White, and, well, Conor McGregor can't take a fight with Mayweather unless UFC approves it and gets their share of the income. And UFC is an actual organization that knows how much this fight could potentially make -- and let's not kid ourselves, this novelty absurdity would wind up doing big business, although a holiday night where many traditionally go out might not help, but that's all to figure out later. Or never. Still most likely never.

Mayweather, 39, has repeatedly said that he won't come back for less than nine figures, so he'll need at least $100 million guaranteed, and he's famous for controlling nearly every aspect of the income from a fight, from pay-per-view revenue to gate figures to a piece of every single other thing that happens with the event. UFC, frankly, just doesn't do that sort of thing. And with the potential revenue this could generate, UFC would likely want more than $50 million for their guy.

All quite amazing for an outrageous mismatch. But here we are. The story keeps going on, and we cannot escape it.

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