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Haye vs Gjergjaj: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

David Haye is back today, as he faces Arnold Gjergjaj in a main event from London.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Today at 3 p.m. ET on Dave (United Kingdom), David Haye returns to action against Arnold Gjergjaj in the main event from the O2 Arena in London, in Haye's second fight of 2016 following a three-and-a-half year absence from the sport.

Haye (27-2, 25 KO) wasn't tested in January against an unbeaten but overmatched Mark de Mori, knocking the Aussie out in about two minutes, and skeptics expect this matchup, against unbeaten and untested Gjergjaj (29-0, 21 KO) could be more of the same. Gjergjaj, originally from Kosovo and now living in Switzerland, has never seriously competed at even the European level as a professional, but maybe he'll be a surprise.

Also in action will be loud American heavyweight and former champ Shannon Briggs (59-6-1, 52 KO), as the 44-year-old faces Argentina's Emilio Ezequiel Zarate (20-16-3, 11 KO). Zarate, 34, is a club fighter you may have seen knocked out in two rounds last November by Hughie Fury. He also lost to Gjergjaj by seventh round knockout in 2014.

If Haye and Briggs are both victorious, as anticipated, they've agreed to fight this later this year.

For a full preview of Haye-Gjergjaj, click here.

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David Haye def. Arnold Gjergjaj by TKO (1:35 of round 2)

Shannon Briggs def. Emilio Ezequiel Zarate by KO (2:22 of round 1)

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Round 1: Right hand from Haye, and he's exploding with power shots that Gjergjaj backs away from. Hard right, and Gjergjaj is down. He's up but Haye is looking to finish, jabbing to set something up. Gjergjaj trying to keep his hands up high. He's shaken again on a right. Gjergjaj staying away, throws a counter right but Haye shrugs it off and throws another right, missing. Haye taking his time. A minute left. Haye cruising and doing nothing. Gjergjaj’s strategy is now to keep his hands very high and stay as far away as he can without leaving the ring. Right hand at the bell and Gjergjaj is down again, but referee ignoring it. McGuigan figures Gjergjaj was "hammin’ it up a little bit." Haye 10-8

Round 2: Gjergjaj falls over on a jab. Fans booing, thinking Gjergjaj is just looking for a way out. They might be right. Gjergjaj down again. Referee could stop this and save everyone the embarrassment. And he does. Haye TKO-2


Round 1: Briggs mauls the guy, forces him to take a knee once, and finishes quickly with a massive body shot. Briggs KO-1

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