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Barry Hearn calls for Amir Khan's retirement

Matchroom chairman Barry Hearn says that Amir Khan is past his sell-by date and that the only one who doesn't know it is Khan himself.

Dan Mullan/Getty Images

True indeed, Amir Khan's bid to win the middleweight title was a bridge too far. He put up a valiant effort against Canelo Alvarez but just couldn't walk the tight rope for twelve rounds, or even six as it so happens. So as of late there's been talk coming from different corners of the boxing world calling for Amir Khan's retirement. And the latest person calling for Khan to hang up the gloves is Matchroom Sport chairman Barry Hearn.

"He should retire. He should retire for his own health. These people won't listen. He says he's got three or four fights left in him. Does that mean three or four times he's going to get knocked out? Because if he fights Kell Brook, he gets knocked out, and he knows that as well. We all know that.

"It's a fight that we would all have loved to have seen, but frankly it's gone past it's sell-by date and Amir Khan has gone by his sell-by date as well. The only person who doesn't know it, is Amir Khan."

Khan remains the WBC mandatory challenger for Danny Garcia's welterweight world title, but it remains to be seen whether or not he'll look towards that fight straight away. Garcia, for his part, has recently gone on record saying that Khan would be dumb to seek him out for a rematch.

Barry Hearn basically agrees (obviously, since he thinks Khan should retire), but he thinks that Garcia would be one of the only people who would want to fight Khan now because he believes Garcia is looking for an easy fight -- and that Amir Khan is exactly that. He then reflects on Khan's career as a whole:

"He was never a great fighter, but he was a good fighter, and it's sad when you become an opponent," Hearn said of Khan.

Although you may or may not agree, considering that Hearn represents the interest of Khan's mortal enemy Kell Brook, we'll take his position on Khan being completely done with a healthy grain of salt.

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