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Shane Mosley: I'm at the top of my game

With a title fight on the line should he get past David Avanesyan, Shane Mosley believes he's as sharp as he's ever been.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

It surprised many when it was announced that the winner of Shane Mosley vs. David Avanesyan would be ordered into a mandatory title fight against the winner of Keith Thurman vs. Shawn Porter (well it surprised me, anyway), but this is just the opportunity Mosley has been hoping for.  So leading into tomorrows fight, Mosley, 44, says with his nagging injuries behind him, he's in peak form and as good as he's ever been.

"I plan to put on a clinic," Mosley said. "I'm not just going to win. I'm going to annihilate him. In 2009 they said I was done but they were wrong. I'm glad people know this is a real competitive fight. It will be a challenge, but when I win, the world will know."

Mosley will be entering this fight with Roberto Duran as his trainer in their first fight together. Mosley credits the legendary Duran with helping him regain his past form and rekindling his inner fire.

"Anybody who steps in the ring right now, it doesn't matter if it was David, or if I was fighting Mayweather, or Manny or whoever I was fighting, it doesn't matter," Mosley said. "I'm at the top of my game. I'm sharp, I'm ready to go. I'm the man right now. I feel like that. I feel great. And it's all because of Roberto Duran. I can feel the fire within myself through him."

In the week's final news conference, Mosley apologized to Avanesyan directly for what he's about to do to him, feeling supremely confident heading into their bout. Mosley would love a chance to take on Keith Thurman after this fight, but he isn't exactly thrilled at the prospect of facing Shawn Porter, with whom he is close friends and often trains with.

But is Mosley really going to turn back the clock on all us non-believers? And even if he wins this fight against Avanesyan, does anyone think he can still compete with top-level young guns like Thurman and Porter?

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