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Shane Mosley: I won't fight Shawn Porter, he's like my little brother

Shane Mosley talks training with Roberto Duran, and says he won't fight Shawn Porter even if mandated by the WBA.

On training with Roberto Duran

"It's great training with Roberto Duran. I'm learning so much stuff, I'm re-learning so much stuff, he has an old school style and method of training. I love it. I see a lot of benefits in the things I'm doing. I feel very sharp. People I'm working with are saying, 'Wow, you're so sharp right now,' and they don't believe I'm as old as I am. They think that I'm younger."

"He's very old school. I think that back in the day, when he had his trainer Ray Arcel, who was an older trainer, like 80 years old, I believe he was probably training him like that, really hard. He's using the same method on me."

On what we can expect from him

"You can expect me to be like I was when I was at lightweight. When I was at lightweight, I was very fast, I was very strong, a lot of combinations. I think Roberto is unleashing that type of style on me, making me look to the body more, more body conscious. Throwing the jabs harder. Just being very smart."

On fighting the Thurman-Porter winner

"I look at it like this, if Thurman wins, yeah, I'll go ahead and fight Thurman. If Shawn Porter wins, we probably won't fight. That's like my little brother. We work all the time with sparring, I help him out with different things. He gives me great work, we work all the time. And I honestly think that Shawn Porter is going to be the victor in that fight anyway. So I'd much rather fight the big fights, kinda like Juan Manuel Marquez, Miguel Cotto, Mayweather, and if Keith Thurman wins, I'll fight Keith Thurman, no problem."

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