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Andre Ward: Khan has to be disciplined, but he can beat Canelo

Andre Ward gives his thoughts on Saturday's Canelo-Khan fight.

On Amir Khan's chin

"I think he gets a rap for the chin, I really do. I remember when I got knocked down early in my career, people thought I didn't have a chin. And I took big punches and showed I did have a chin. It's just the nature of the beast, man, people try to put tags on you, labels on you. I've seen Amir get hit in fights, with shots that would knock some men out. He's taken them. I've seen him take shots in the gym, with bigger guys, where it's, like, 'OK, if that guy couldn't take a punch, he wouldn't be able to take that.

"Of course, he has to have a game plan, he has to be disciplined. But this is not a fight he can't win. You can't be a champion and be great if you think the way a common person thinks, which is, 'Oh, Canelo's record, and, oh' -- we don't think like that. We respect people and say, man, I know this guy's a great champion and I have to be at my best, but I'm up for the challenge, and he's up for the challenge."

On an interim fight before Sergey Kovalev

"My team is working, they're doing their job to secure a fight in the summer. That's what we're looking for next, then after that is Kovalev. I'm just enjoying life, supporting my teammates, and still working."

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