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Harold Lederman: Canelo making excuses so he doesn't fight Golovkin

Harold Lederman gives his take on potential opponents for Gennady Golovkin and his thoughts on a fight with Canelo Alvarez.

Harold Lederman catches up with FightHub to give his two cents on who he likes as possible opponents for Gennady Golovkin, including Canelo Alvarez and Daniel Jacobs. Here's what he had to say:

On who he'd like to see Gennady Golovkin face next:

"I love Canelo as an opponent. And I like Danny Jacobs. I mean, I think the two of them would be very good opponents. Billy Joe Saunders seems to be trying to get out of the fight in the worst way, you know? I don't know why he don't want to fight, I don't know what his story is but, be as it may, I like Danny Jacobs and I like Canelo Alvarez - I think they would be two really good opponents for Gennady Golovkin in my opinion."

On Kell Brook saying he would fight Golovkin:

"Kell Brook is a very good fighter but there's so many guys at 147 I think he should stay in the welterweight division - not try to fight a middleweight, that's crazy."

On whether Canelo poses a threat to Golovkin:

"I just don't understand Canelo. He acts as though he wants to get out of the fight and he could make a huge payday. Asking for a catchweight, Golovkin doesn't have to come in below 160, that's ridiculous, he's a middleweight. He's the top rated contender and they should fight for the middleweight title at 160. I think Canelo's making excuses so that he doesn't have to fight - if you ask me.

"I'm a scorekeeper so I hate to lean one way or another. I think it would be a very, very good fight, the public really wants to see it badly. Canelo is a star in the making, if not a star already. Golovkin is a huge star. So it's gotta be a great fight, it really does."

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