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Adrien Broner: I don't need Floyd Mayweather, he needs me

Adrien Broner discusses Floyd Mayweather and a host of other topics.

Adrien Broner was a guest on Power 105.1's "The Breakfast Club" and talked about a wide variety of topics, including his endorsement of Donald Trump for President, changing his life and focusing on boxing, Bob Arum, Roc Nation, and of course, Floyd Mayweather.

Here are some quotes from the boxing relevant portion of the interview, which is in full above, thanks to Power 105.1:

On missing weight before his last fight

"Nobody would know what I went through until you in it yourself, and you do what I did for that fight. My body was done. I did all I can do. We weighed in Thursday, my last meal was Tuesday night. Wednesday morning, I woke up, ran another six miles. Still haven't ate. Had to rest a little bit. Did a press conference, then went to go train again. Still haven't ate. Still overweight. Still four pounds overweight. So I went back to the hotel and ran another six miles. Still haven't ate. Went to sleep, woke up, ran another six miles. I don't wanna say everything I did, but my body was -- it was over. ... It could've been an easier fight, but I've outgrown the weight class, and I'm going up in weight."

On fighting Floyd Mayweather

"I used to say I'd never fight him, but I've been getting signs to where it's, like, he don't care, for real. There's certain shit you do when you genuinely have love for a motherfucker. That's why I lashed out the way I did after that fight. After that last interview he did when it wasn't like -- they didn't call him for an interview. He called the reporter and told them to put it out."

On Floyd saying Broner is an alcoholic

"I'm young, I'm in the club, I like to have a drink here and there. Floyd don't hang with me every day. When I hung around him I didn't drink. That's how much I looked up to him. Like I told him before, if you want me to do better than you one day, or better myself, then show me the way. Keep me right there."

On the relationship going sour

"There's still respect there. Even after the fight he came up to tell me congratulations, great performance, all that, but we still haven't got this wrinkle out."

"I'm just more than what he was. He's a boxer. Businessman, boxer. I know who's making the boxing move. I know who's making the business moves. Al Haymon's the businessman. He's the boxer. I'm not mad at him for that. All I'm saying is, it's like me, if I got somebody who looks up to me and can do as good as I'm doing or has done, why wouldn't I show him the way? He ain't showed me shit."

"How is guiding me not saying shit until I do something? Guiding somebody is being there, like, look, this is what we gonna do, this is what we ain't gonna do. ... He got tied up in criminal shit! To this day! Everybody do. We can't stop that."

"It didn't go sour, there comes a time when you do your own thing. I don't need nothing from him, I don't want nothing from him. I just want him to show me the way. I got my own name, I got my own fame. He didn't help me get none of that. I did all this by myself. I don't need to be up under him."

On losing to Marcos Maidana

"In the Maidana fight, I showed more in that fight than any fight I won. I'm fighting a former Olympian, a world champion, I'm jumping up two weight classes, I won a world title, and I fought one of the toughest guys in the weight class? It ain't like I ran. I walked to him for 12 rounds. I got caught with some good shots. I fought him with my heart instead of my brain. But guess what, though? Guess what? Floyd fought him, too, and after that fight, and they asked him, 'Would you fight Broner again?' and he said no. He don't wanna fight me again. Point blank period."

More on Floyd Mayweather

"I won't ever say -- nobody can beat me. A focused Adrien Broner? Nobody can beat me. ... Look at my last fight. All of this going on. We're going to a big arena, right? That sold out. That Floyd Mayweather say it only sold out because he was co-promoting, which is not true, because he just had a -- we put over 8,000 in there at the Armory. Then they just did a show last week and they had to give away about 1,000 tickets, and there was only about 1,500 on there. All I'm saying is, Floyd, put some respect on my name."

"Somebody I saw on TV when I was 12, and helped me get to this point, and then we meet and we click, there's a real bond, like a real big brother. Then every time you do an interview, you talk bad about me? Are you serious? Then his whole team was hating on me. His daddy, his trainers, all the fighters. They all talk crazy about me. Nobody in my camp says shit about Floyd. ... I've had big homies when I do something, I get a call, like, 'Hey, you wildin',' like J. Prince, 'hey, you trippin', you gotta go make that right.' You right, OK."

"What did he co-sign? I was already there! I already made it! He didn't have to co-sign nothing. A co-sign is like he's doing with Little Tank (Gervonta Davis). He's co-signing Little Tank. That's my homie, too, but that's a co-sign. When he met me, I was already world champion in three weight classes."

"Not only he had to embrace me, he had to respect me. Coming from nothing and doing what I did, the way I did it? Floyd and Sugar Ray Leonard and all them, they came from the Olympics and all of that. By the time they had their first pro fight, they'd already been on TV. They're already making some substantial money. My first pro fight was at the Regency Ballroom at the fuckin' Hyatt, and I had to go to the club to get my money. Come on, man."

"Brothers fight. I fought my brothers plenty of times, my twin brother and everything. We get down. I don't care if we're sparring, I don't care if we talk it out, wrestle, I don't care, we can play dominoes. Let's do it."

On whether he regrets turning down $40 million from Roc Nation

"No. No. For what? I'm gonna get that. I got a long career. This shit is just getting started."

On not signing with TMT

"I don't need it. I got About Billions. I don't need TMT. I got my own promotional company that I'm running. I sell out my own shows. I don't need them."

On Floyd saying AB stands for "About Broke"

"That's fine. I ain't broke. I ain't rich as him, but I ain't nowhere near broke. ... I ain't with that petty shit. He knows my number."

On deserving a shot at Mayweather

"It's not about a shot or none of that. I don't need him. To be honest, he needs me to stay relevant. His window is -- it's about to close. There's a lot of legends in boxing. There's a lot of outstanding boxers that have done tremendous things. Sugar Ray Leonard, Sugar Ray Robinson, Ali, Mike Tyson. (Floyd) took boxing to another level. Someone will take his spot. ... Michael Jordan is amazing, but right now, who do they wanna see? (Steph Curry.) Every day on these basketball shows, they're not talking about no damn Michael Jordan, man. He's relevant, but they're gonna talk about the hottest guy in the game at that time. Right now, if Floyd stays retired..."

On Mayweather's style

"I'd never say nothing bad about him when it comes to boxing. When it comes to boxing, hands down, he's one of the best that ever put on the gloves. Growing up, I didn't watch the old fighters, I didn't see the Mike Tysons, I watched him. That's the greatest in my era. He's a tremendous fighter, he's an amazing fighter. But he do some shit outside, it is what it is."

On Bob Arum

"Bob Arum loves me. I went to Bob Arum's house. Nobody knows this. I just rolled past his house. He was trying to sign me. He threw shots at me. 'I'll give you this, I ain't gonna say numbers, I'll give you this, I'll have you fighting in China.' Fuck Bob Arum. Who is Bob Arum, man? That old motherfucker better go put on some Bengay and drink some coffee. He don't do nothin' for me. That's another person I don't need. It don't affect my business at all! If there's a fight needs to be made -- we're getting past the promoters not working with each other. If there's a fighter over there that wants to fight me or one of my fighters, let's make it happen."

On fighting Terence Crawford

"That's cool. Make my money right, we'll have a hell of a night. I'll kick his ass, too. I'm trying to tell you, I'm in a different mind state right now. I'm so focused on my shit. Half of my career is over. This next half, it's time to get serious. No more hiccups."

On maturing

"It's time to grow, mature, and make better decisions, and better myself for the people around me."

"I left the street life, I just find myself back in it. ... There's some things I gotta change. ... I've outgrown (Cincinnati). I didn't understand it until now. I love my city. I love Cincinnati to death. I love my city, the city loves me. It's time to move on and take this thing to another level."

"They portray me to be the villain, and that's cool. I just don't change because I'm on a camera or because I'm at a certain point in life. I'm not gonna change. I don't care. I'm not gonna change nothing about me. I'm gonna be me."

"I don't try to be a goon. I don't try to give out an image that I'm a goon. I'm me."

"If I stay in my environment, then one day I probably would have to (kill somebody). That's why I gotta move, to prevent it."

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