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Amir Khan is serious about fighting Conor McGregor, trying hand at MMA

Despite being signed on for the biggest fight of his career in just a couple of days, Amir Khan says he was serious about trying his hand at MMA and fighting Conor McGregor.

Amir Khan has basically conquered the sport of boxing already - that much we know. So with so little left to accomplish between the ropes, he has an eye towards future endeavors, which happens to include a possible stint in MMA. Check out what he had to say in an interview with our colleagues at FightHub.

On what it means to him to finally get the big fight he's long been waiting for:

"It's a massive fight for me. Fighting someone like Canelo, who is a superstar in the sport of boxing. and also been looking amazing in his last few fights - he's young, he's got everything behind him, and he's got great fights ahead of him. To be in a fight like this, it just gives me that extra drive, and gives me that extra motivation and push because I really know by winning this fight it's going to take me where I always wanted to be.

"I've already been in a position where I got my name on the big hotels in's a massive fight and this is something I've always wanted. Didn't get the chance against Mayweather to do it. I never got the chance to do it against Manny Pacquiao, but Canelo give me the chance to fight against him and prove myself - this is where I belong in boxing so I'm very happy for that...This is where I belong. I belong in the biggest fights in boxing. I've been saying that for a long, long time and this is my time now to do it...I'm gonna grab it with both hands and win this championship."

On saying that he wants to try an MMA fight and believing he would do well against Conor McGregor:

"I was serious about that...I am a co-owner of a company called Super Fight League, SFL, in India. You know, MMA, one day if it comes to my doorstep and they ask me to have a fight in there I would do it. It's always trying different things, and having the speed and the skill set, definitely for me, going into MMA would not be a problem."

Well I think this idea is just SuperAwesomeFantastic!

Then again, I'm biased. I've always considered Khan to be the Bo Jackson of the fight game - so there's about 0% chance of this not working out exceedingly well for Khan.

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