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Golden Boy Live - Quintero vs Petrov: Live streaming video and round by round coverage

Marvin Quintero faces Petr Petrov and Pablo Cesar Cano takes on Alan Sanchez in a doubleheader tonight from Las Vegas.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tonight at 10:00 pm EDT on Estrella TV and streaming live right here on Bad Left Hook, Golden Boy presents what looks to be a pair of well-matched fights from the Toshiba Plaza outside of Las Vegas' T-Mobile Arena, one night ahead of the Canelo-Khan card.

In the main event, lightweights Marvin Quintero (28-6, 24 KO) and Petr Petrov (36-4-2, 17 KO) do battle in a 10-round bout. Both are fringe contenders at the weight, and have had a fair amount of TV fights, so they're relatively familiar faces in the division. The co-feature will showcase another pair of familiar names, as welterweights Pablo Cesar Cano (29-4-1, 21 KO) and Alan Sanchez (17-3-1, 9 KO) square off, also set for 10 rounds.

Both fights have solid action potential and are must-win if the combatants want to keep moving forward in the immediate future, with Quintero-Petrov especially a fight that could see the winner in the world title mix fairly soon.

For a full preview of both matchups, click here. Join us tonight!

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Petr Petrov def. Marvin Quintero by TKO (after round 6)

Alan Sanchez def. Pablo Cesar Cano by split decision (94-96, 97-93, 97-93)

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Round 1: A bit of feeling out early on. That's mostly what we get in the opening round here, which isn't bad, but it's just your standard opening round where two guys are about even. That said, I think Petrov did just a bit more, including one hard shot with the right late in the round. Petrov 10-9

Round 2: Speaking of that right late in the first round, Quintero comes out with his right eye swelling shut quickly, and Petrov lands another clean right hand over the top, straight on the eye. Quintero with a right and a left, he's turning up the heat a bit. Might already feel some urgency. Quintero with a couple of good body shots. This is picking up. Both guys doing some really nice work here. Right hook from Quintero. Both landing clean shots this round. Another hook from Quintero. I like him by just a bit here. Quintero 10-9, 19-19

Round 3: Also worth noting that Quintero lost NABF title on the scale on Thursday, coming in 1.25 pounds over the limit. Both guys letting their hands go here. Petrov with a good uppercut inside, then a straight right. Right hand inside from Petrov. Quintero doing some good work this round, too, landing with both hands. I shade to Petrov this round, but it was close again. Petrov 10-9, 29-28

Round 4: Petrov lands, but Quintero landing right back. The eye is swollen up to the point that Petrov's rights are near impossible to see coming. HARD right from Petrov, but Quintero throwing right back again, and lands a hard left in return. Petrov back with another right hand. Quintero with a good uppercut and a straight left, Petrov covering up a bit. Quintero landing some hard shots, but Petrov is, too. This is a good fight right now. Quintero 10-9, 38-38

Round 5: Quintero's eye is fully closed now. Petrov with a nice uppercut early in this round, and Quintero FIRES AWAY IN RETURN! Petrov has to find his way out of the corner. We're turning up for real now. Petrov is close to fighting one-eyed himself at this point. Petrov with another good shot, and a body punch lands, too. Just some really good action. Petrov banging away at the body and leading with an uppercut now. Hard hook to the body from Petrov. Probably the clearest round so far, and it's going to Petr Petrov. Petrov 10-9, 48-47

Round 6: Petrov bleeding, Quintero swollen up, doctors apparently taking close look after the fifth in Quintero's corner. So Quintero is coming out very, VERY aggressively in round 6. Quintero just roaring out of the gates here. He's landing a lot of shots, working so much that Petrov can't get off as much. Trading shots now with Quintero on the ropes, 30 seconds left in what has been another hard round. Quintero looking worn out as the round wears on. But he's throwing what he's got to close the round. Quintero 10-9, 57-57 ... FIGHT STOPPED AFTER SIXTH ROUND


Round 1: Sanchez jabbing and moving laterally, trying to use his length. As Dougie notes, Cano is a big welterweight (5'9", 71" reach) but Sanchez is 6 feet tall, he's a tall, long guy at 147. Cano trying to cut off the ring, not doing it too well so far. Cano slips late in the round, missing a left hook. Cano now finding a home for some body shots in the corner, but Sanchez gets out quickly and avoids taking too much more punishment. Sanchez 10-9

Round 2: Sanchez apparently recently won a half-marathon in Mission Bay. And he did 50 rounds with Canelo Alvarez recently. He's moving well again this round, jabbing a little bit, at least poking it out there. Sanchez looks to wing a right hand around the side, blocked by Cano. Cano targeting the body, then throws a hook up top. Both guys still looking to find a real rhythm. Sanchez continuing to move laterally around the ring, slips another little Cano charge. Sanchez 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Sanchez opening up a bit early in the third round, unleashing 1-2s a bit more. Cano not really working his way in, just walking forward. Cano cuffs him with a left hook, a bit too far to land clean. Cano looks slow and short here, Sanchez's constant movement really befuddling him. Little chopping hook from Sanchez after a jab to the body from Cano. Cano with a right hand inside at the end of the round. Sanchez 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Sanchez again starting fast in this round, landing a good body shot and then a right hand behind the jab that shakes Cano just a bit. Sanchez back to the jab, Cano does land a decent right hand. Another tough round for Cano. He's finding it hard to build any momentum here. This is a strong performance so far from Alan Sanchez. Sanchez 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: Quick little exchange as the fight stays at about the same pace, Sanchez with a right hand that got in there, Cano has to go back on the chase, and he's not great at the chase. Cano with a little hook, but Sanchez pokes a shot right back, then lands a hard straight right at the back end of the 1-2, and then another 1-2. Basic and effective thus far. Cano throws a hook. Sanchez 10-9, 50-45

Round 6: Cano trying to put more pressure on here, but he's not cutting the ring off and he's still not finding a home for enough shots. Sanchez still jabbing and keeping distance fairly easily. Cano with a little bit better work late in the round, but not enough. Sanchez 10-9, 60-54

Round 7: Sanchez staying with the jab and movement, but Cano having a much better round here, finally with some effective aggression, and a hard left hook late in the round. First round I give to Pablo. Cano 10-9, Sanchez 69-64

Round 8: Back to the 1-2 from Sanchez, but Cano gets close and lets his hands go, Sanchez ties him up. Cano finding a few shots here, getting a bit closer. Might be too little too late, and this round is debatable at best for him. Cano 10-9, Sanchez 78-74

Round 9: Sanchez back in control a little bit this round, fight has become slightly more action-centric in the last few rounds, not that it's a barnburner or anything. Sanchez 10-9, 88-83

Round 10: Cano likely needs something big here, probably needs a KO, but I guess you never know. Either way, Sanchez has outclassed him, at least in my view. Cano has just been too slow and too limited for Sanchez, who hasn't done anything special, but has employed a smart, simple attack. Sanchez with a hook over a missed shot from Cano. I think Sanchez took this round and the fight, but Cano gives a great effort down the stretch. Sanchez 10-9, 98-92

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