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Canelo vs Khan: Shane Mosley's advice to Amir Khan

Shane Mosley gives his advice to Amir Khan and talks about the middleweight division.

On whether Canelo needs a KO for a statement

"I don't know if Canelo has to win by knockout to make a statement, but it'd be a good idea, being that he's bigger -- I believe he's bigger and stronger. Canelo's a great fighter. He has a lot of great talents and great skills, and when Canelo comes on the TV and fights, I love to watch him. That's what's important, that when you fight, people want to see you fight."

On his advice for Amir Khan

"Stay in motion, stay moving. Use your speed. Use your strength, your strength is speed and movement. Don't try to get into a gunfight with him, because you're too small. Just because you put on a little muscle, that doesn't make a difference."

On who Canelo should fight next if he wins

"It's obvious that everybody wants him to fight GGG. There's some good fights out there. GGG, Kid Chocolate, Daniel Jacobs. There's like four guys that can all fight with each other. There's some good fights at middleweight."

On who he thinks would win those middleweight fights

"I don't know. Styles make fights. Canelo's great, and GGG is great. Kid Chocolate, I think he had a bad night with Daniel Jacobs, but Daniel Jacobs is looking good. These are all great fights that I want to see."

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