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Danny Garcia: People are writing Khan off, but he has a chance

Danny Garcia knocked out Amir Khan a few years ago, but he believes his old foe has a shot against Canelo Alvarez.

On Canelo-Khan

"I think it's a good fight. I think it's an interesting fight, to be honest with you. The only question is, can Amir Khan take the pressure, take the big punch? Canelo's a strong fighter, Canelo's real explosive. He's a young, strong, explosive fighter. Amir Khan's a good boxer. This fight will tell in the later rounds. The edge, I give it to Canelo, but I think a lot of people are writing Khan off, and I think he really has a chance."

On what Khan's strategy should be

"I think he has to avoid exchanges. He can't get caught in an exchange. He has to fight smart, use his legs. Not run, but box, box carefully. When Canelo gets in close, you hold him a little bit, get Canelo frustrated. Use his speed and just try not to get hit with a big shot. As far as Canelo, he's just gotta walk him down, use his power shots, and break him down."

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