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Andre Berto: Khan has been grinding, working on perfect plan for Canelo

Stablemate Andre Berto discusses Amir Khan's chances against Canelo Alvarez.

On Canelo vs Khan

"Khan's been grinding. He's been training. But Canelo's the type of fighter that if you slip up, he can put you outta there. Khan's been working on a lot of different things to try to make sure he stays smart, stays focused every round. He has the speed, he has the foot movement to outbox Canelo, I believe. Move around Canelo. (Khan) knows, he understands all the things that come with this. That's just the focus right now, to make sure he stays on his game, and not be complacent."

On how Khan avoids getting into a brawl

"That's the thing that's been -- he's been working on it here in camp. He has a huge heart. And as you know, sometimes that gets you in trouble. The thing is just stay focused, stay focused on the plan. Make sure he keeps turning his man, make sure he uses his attributes, his speed, and just continue to capitalize on all the mistakes Canelo makes. Just move around him and do what he does. If he does that, I believe a lot of people will be surprised how the fight goes."

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