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Canelo vs Khan: Roy Jones Jr breaks down the matchup

Roy Jones Jr is another fighter who believes Amir Khan has a real chance at upsetting Canelo Alvarez.

On the matchup

"I think it's a great fight for both fighters. I think it's a fight that Khan definitely can win, that people don't think he can win, but he can win, because of Canelo's lack of being able to deal properly with guys who can box. The only losses he has, or fights that were really close, were guys who can box. And (Khan) is a great boxer, so it makes a great fight. We'll see what happens."

On Khan moving up in weight

"You gotta go in right away and make that bigger guy respect you. Make him understand that you can hurt him just like he can hurt you. After that happens, then the fight begins."

On where the winner is on the world stage

"If Canelo wins, he's in a position where he has to make a choice: 'Do I wait for Pacquiao, or do I go after GGG?' If Khan wins, he's in a position he's never been in in his life, he's the middleweight champion of the world. Now he can say, 'OK, wow, historically I never thought I'd be the middleweight champion. Now do I go even bigger and fight a 160 pound GGG, or do I come back down and revamp my career as a welterweight?' That's what I think he should do. So if he beats this kid -- and actually, if he can beat Canelo worse than Floyd did, I think he comes back and calls Floyd out."

Roy's prediction

"I just know that Khan is the smaller guy coming up who has a lot more to prove than does Canelo. Hopefully that can give him enough momentum to come out and fight the fight of his life. But he is fighting an uphill battle, because he's fighting a bigger guy who has punching power. His chin has not always held up to status quo. We have to see what happens. Canelo is the favorite, and he's the favorite because of his size and his punching ability."

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