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Abel Sanchez: Canelo is killing himself to make weight to avoid Golovkin

Abel Sanchez gives his thoughts on Canelo vs Khan and the condition of both fighters at the weigh-in.

On how Canelo looked at the weigh-in

"I thought he looked a little drawn. I thought he looked better when he fought Cotto. But he's in for a fight. I think it's gonna be a good fight. I think Khan looks good, it's just a matter of fighting his fight."

"Amir looks good. I think the eight pounds have made a different. I think Canelo does look a little bit drawn, but, look, it's what Canelo's been doing for a while: killing himself to make that weight to stay away from Golovkin, but I'm looking for a good fight tomorrow."

On Khan adding weight

"It's not so much the muscle that he put on, it's the fact that he doesn't have to kill himself to make the weight. He's a big guy, as you see he's taller than Canelo. By having to kill himself to make the weight and lose pounds, that affects a lot of things. When he was down at 135 and he got knocked out by Prescott, I can't imagine him making 135 now watching him at 155. A lot of times that's what happens. The ability to take a punch, the ability to do a lot of things in the ring is limited because of the weight loss."

On Khan having a chance at the upset against a bigger man

"From the beginning, I'm one of the few that gave him a chance. I think that it's a good fight. I think he's gonna be persistent. If he follows the game plan laid down by Virgil, I think he stands a chance. If he decides, which a lot of times happens to him, he's got the bravado, he wants to be a warrior, it's gonna be troublesome for him. Canelo is a big guy. But it doesn't matter for us. We're here to watch a good fight, and whoever wins is gonna fight Golovkin. I hope."

On Canelo saying Golovkin isn't a big enough name yet

"We're here to watch hopefully a good fight. We're here to watch a fight that the WBC has mandated the winner has to fight Golovkin, regardless of what they're saying -- records, or weight, the winner has to fight Golovkin at 160 pounds. If they choose not to, it's OK, we just go on with the WBC belt and we defend against the next guy. But what they're saying today really has no basis, because it's been mandated, it's been ordered. They have 15 days. Hopefully the fight lives up to the billing, hopefully the fight lives up to what I think is going to happen, and that's Khan gives him a hard time and Canelo wins. He should win. But at the end of the day, tomorrow the 8th, he has 15 days to make up his mind. We'll go from there."

On the May 8 talks

"He has 15 days, so I think he has until the 22nd. We're here to watch both guys, we're scouting. Whichever guy wins, hopefully we have a chance at fighting them. We're here to see how they perform. We'll see what kind of tactic Khan uses, and the same the other way."

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