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Canelo vs Khan results: Canelo Alvarez led on two judges' scorecards

Canelo Alvarez was ahead on two judges' cards, including one judge having him up four rounds to one.

Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

Canelo Alvarez was ahead on two of the three official scorecards at the time he knocked out Amir Khan on Saturday night in Las Vegas, ending the fight with a crushing right hand at 2:37 of round six, a blow that immediately put Khan down and out.

Alvarez (47-1-1, 33 KO) was behind on many scorecards on social media and what not, either three rounds to two (48-47) or four rounds to one (49-46), including 49-46 on my card, and the same on Wil Esco's card. But he led on two of the three official scorecards, including judge Glenn Trowbridge giving Alvarez four of the first five rounds:

Glenn Feldman had Canelo up 48-47, which is the same score that HBO's Harold Lederman had, and Adalaide Byrd had Khan ahead 48-47.

The 3-2 cards either way seem defensible, as does 4-1 Khan (at least to me, obviously), but Trowbridge's 4-1 card in Canelo's favor is bizarre, particularly the first round going to Canelo, which just about everyone on earth seemed to score for Amir Khan, including Harold Lederman, the other two judges here, and I believe every single score that I saw on Twitter.

It's much ado about whatever, obviously, as the fight was ended via outrageous knockout in the sixth round, but it would appear that Khan wasn't getting much of a fair shake here even fighting the best that he could, particularly from Trowbridge.

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