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Abel Sanchez: Golovkin will exploit Canelo, knock him out in eight rounds

Abel Sanchez was pretty blunt after tonight's fight when the subject of Canelo vs Golovkin came up.

On what Canelo said after the fight

"Replay the tape back after the Cotto fight. He said the same thing."

"Tom Loeffler and Eric Gomez are going to get together. Remind him right now when you go to the press conference of exactly what he said about putting it together. They put it together -- they announced him as the middleweight champion. The middleweight champion, the limit is 160 pounds. That's who's F'n around if it's not made, because (Canelo's) got this diva attitude about 155. It's not a 155-pound title. It's a 160-pound title. ... (Golovkin) won't drop an ounce."

"Tonight when you go to the press conference, make sure you press (Oscar De La Hoya). Make sure you ask him why not. Make sure you keep writing about it: why not? We're ready to sign a contract as per WBC rules. As per WBC rules."

On Golovkin-Canelo

"(Canelo) gets knocked out in eight rounds."

On Canelo-Khan

"I thought Khan fought a good fight, he just got careless. I kept telling Gennady, he's setting him up for a right hand over the top, he's setting him up, he's setting him up. And sure enough, he caught him. It was a great right hand. But if you notice, he hit him with a lot of good shots. To me, Khan looked better than I've seen him look as far as chin, composure. He just got caught. He got careless."

More on Golovkin-Canelo

"We're gonna go do what Gennady does best. We're gonna exploit (Canelo) and knock him out. Not because of what we saw tonight. Because Gennady is a better fighter."

More on Canelo-Khan

"I thought Canelo was a little frustrated in the first couple of rounds with the speed. But he set him up. He was patient. Gennady told me it was gonna be nine rounds. We were off three rounds."

On whether he thinks Golovkin-Canelo will get made

"No. ... You know why it doesn't get made? Because of this diva attitude that he's bigger in boxing. We have 17 weight divisions in boxing right now. There used to be eight. Now we're going to have 18."

"I don't think so. I'd be surprised. I'd really be surprised. I hope so, for all of us. I wanna see it."

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