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Paulie Malignaggi: Canelo still has the same flaws he had before, GGG beats him

Paulie Malignaggi wasn't particularly impressed by Canelo Alvarez's performance on Saturday night.

On what's next for Amir Khan

"I think he goes back to the welterweight division. I don't think he lost a lot of luster in this fight. Yeah, he took a loss, but he took a big risk and boxed well in the loss. I'd love to see him against Kell Brook. Hopefully, they can make that fight happen. I think the fans in England would love to see it. I don't think Amir lost any luster here. I think it would be a huge mega event in England. I think he's gonna be the mandatory against Danny Garcia, so we'll see how that plays out. I guess Amir has some choices in the welterweight division. He's gonna be able to take his pick."

On the knockout

"I expected Canelo to stop him. I did. I expected him to break him down. I really did. I thought Amir would box well in some spots, but I expected Canelo to land shots and start breaking him down. But as the fight wore on, I said, how's he gonna break him down? There's no sustained attack here. To break somebody down, your attack needs to be sustained. And he would just land a shot here, land a shot here, and I'm, like, this is not sustained enough to break Amir down. But that's where I was wrong. He didn't need a sustained attack, he needed one good shot on the button, and that was it."

On size being the difference

"Absolutely, the big difference was size. Amir had to walk that tightrope the entire time. When a guy's walking the tightrope over Niagara Falls, you're, like, 'oh man, is he gonna fall?' And he slips up a little bit, and you're, like, 'ohhh!' Then he holds on. Round five Amir slowed a little bit, a little stutter on the tightrope, then in round six he was boxing pretty well, but slowing down. But when you're on a tightrope, you just gotta slip once and it's over."

"(Khan) had to control the pace, and he did a much better job than I anticipated. That's been Amir's problem, he's not able to control the pace. He bounces too much, he's too jittery half the time. When I saw the fight, he was taking little steps to the left, little steps to the right, feinting, using his jab to put Canelo out of position very well. He was able to catch his spots to rest up. When he got trapped on the ropes, he got low, which I never saw before. Amir used to stand too straight up on the ropes. I saw a lot more upper body movement from Amir, as well, which also impressed me, he had Canelo missing, he wasn't just blocking shots. I thought he boxed well. It was almost a shame to see the KO, I wanted to see how things would play out as the rounds progressed. I wanted to see if Canelo would panic if the rounds kept progressing that way."

On if he was impressed by Canelo

"(shrug) We saw power. He showed power. I really -- you're supposed to jab with a jabber, at the very least, and he barely did that. Canelo is what he is, and he's a good fighter, but the flaws that he has, for me, he continues not to fix them. ... He clearly has troubles when guys jab him. He doesn't jab back. You're able to slow the pace down and put him into these lulls. He's not your typical Mexican fighter that just pressures you, he actually can box a little bit, but he just gives the illusion of boxing, because a boxer has a jab, and Canelo doesn't really jab a lot. But he has enough fast twitch muscle to where he can get these snappy shots off. It makes him a little bit more versatile than your typical Mexican pressure fighter. Some things he's lacking, some things he has better than those typical Mexican fighters. Some things he does worse than a typical Mexican fighter. I'd like to see some improvements, but the same flaws I knew Canelo had going into tonight, he showed me he still has them."

On Canelo vs Golovkin

"I pick GGG in that fight. It's another thing where size matters, and in that particular situation it'll be GGG who's the bigger guy, and it'll be Canelo walking the tightrope. I can't really say anything changed. I still favor GGG in the fight."

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