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Max Kellerman: Canelo-GGG is the biggest fight in boxing right now

Max Kellerman gives his thoughts on Canelo Alvarez, Gennady Golovkin, Amir Khan, and much more.

On Canelo vs Golovkin

"The fight's the biggest fight that can be made in boxing. Even if Floyd or Pacquiao came back, if they didn't fight GGG or Canelo or each other, who could they fight to bump a GGG-Canelo fight? No one. There's no one, I don't think, that Pacquiao or Floyd could fight, other than each other, GGG, or Canelo, that could bump these off a date. So what does that tell you? That's the biggest in boxing."

On stocks raised or lowered for Canelo and Khan

"Both raised. I thought that was a real good fight. There are various ways of getting a great fight. Two guys go like this (smashes hands together), it's an amazing, Gatti-Ward, Corrales-Castillo type fight. There are also high wire acts, like the one that Amir Khan was trying to do. Guy's not running, he's boxing. Has to box carefully, walking a tightrope against a much bigger, stronger, harder puncher. (Khan) doesn't have a history of taking a punch especially well. That's a great fight, too, because you're on the edge of your seat the whole time. And it played out according to that script. Khan was boxing really well, and eventually the bigger man imposed himself -- although in Canelo's case, it wasn't just his size, it was also his boxing skill, and then you got the one punch knockout. That's a terrific fight in my view.

"I remember thinking, as much as I loved Morales-Barrera I, a great fight, I thought that was runner-up fight of the year. The fight of the year, I thought that year, was Mosley-De La Hoya. There's something about two guys who are at the top of the pound for pound ladder, top five guys, who are super fast, in their primes, fighting at their best weight, and they engage in a back and forth, high-speed chess match, but with power. Sugar Ray Leonard-Wilfred Benitez. Those are also some of my favorite fights."

On where Khan goes next

"Down to welterweight. ... We all know what to expect from Amir. Really fast, big heart, underrated power, and chinny. That's gonna be in every fight. That's nothing new. ... Pacquiao and Khan? No. At this moment? No. Pacquiao, if he comes back, apparently, it's gonna be for Floyd. It'll do less than half the business of the first one and it'll be the biggest fight in boxing."

On a potential Canelo-Mayweather rematch

"I didn't see anything that makes me believe that rematch goes appreciably better than the first fight."

On Canelo's improvements

"He gets better in every fight. He was better at cutting off the ring tonight, although he still wasn't able to do it at all times effectively, but the other guy's in there doing stuff, too. His boxing skills improve, his defense improves. His -- you know, when people say ring generalship, it's, like, well what does that mean? Who's the boss in there? Canelo putting the work in to the body early, setting up the shot that comes later. He's been a terrific fighter since he was a teenager. Everyone used to watch him on YouTube in Mexico, and there's a reason he was connecting to the crowd. It's not just that he could fight, but he could also box, he had skills. Those skills are getting sharper. That still doesn't mean you're sharp enough to beat Floyd Mayweather."

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