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Bernard Hopkins: Canelo-Khan was a knockout people will be talking about

Bernard Hopkins gives his thoughts on Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan and more.

On opening T-Mobile Arena

"Who don't wanna break in a new venue? You can say five years, six years, seven years from now, I was at T-Mobile Arena, and I was there as a champion, and I broke it in. That's history. I can mention a lot of times that I was told I was fighting or doing something that was history. You can't erase history. Every fighter in every era had a place they called their home. Ray Robinson had Madison Square Garden. Why not Canelo having T-Mobile?"

On the knockout

"Oscar said, 'he's gonna throw a 1-2,' and within a half second, we was running in the ring. When Canelo got warmed up and he really had to find the timing to get it together to trap Amir Khan, but Khan has a great amateur record, and he can be kinda tricky and kinda elusive. But whenever the hand started touching Khan before the knockout, Canelo was missing it by whiskers, literally. Whether it was at the end of the round when the bell rung, early in the round, he was just missing the mark. But as the rounds went on, fourth, fifth, you could see Canelo getting closer. He was touching him with the jab to the body, soft, not hard, so he can throw the big left hand or the big right hand. He eventually done that, and when he did that -- there are knockouts, there are stoppages, but every fighter that knows about making statements, or want a knockout, they want a knockout where they hit a guy and he don't get up. Those knockouts rarely happen. Either the referee do a mercy call, grab him, hug him, it's over, or the (corner) throws a towel in. But when one or two punches knock a guy out, take the mouthpiece out, everybody jumps in the ring, don't even count, that's scary. Now you're talking about somebody's life. That's the difference between getting KO'd, TKO'd, stoppage by a force outside the ring. But when a guy gets hit and he goes down and it's over, that's some serious stuff."

On being worried about Khan

"Of course. The way he got hit, first of all, and the way he went down -- his head, you know, when you get knocked out like that, you get hit twice. You get hit by your opponent, and when you fall and hit your head on the canvas. The back of your head hits that canvas and bounces up -- I'm not a doctor, but I think your brain is in the back of your head, not the front. When you fall and hit your head from the back, where the brain is at, I was concerned about him."

On the fight before the stoppage

"I believe (Khan) was close, just by a hair. It's no secret Amir Khan is one of the super boxers in that division. Yes, do he got other negatives that work against him? Yes. A, his chin, and you might not think this is true, but B, his heart. Amir Khan got so much heart that we love, he reminds me of Arturo Gatti, where you got too much heart for your own good. So when you get caught up in a shootout, or a punchout, you're not gonna get the best end of that, because your chin can't hold up. Amir Khan got sucked into that type of fight with Canelo as the fight wore on. As Canelo got loose, Khan slowed up a bit from some body shots, Canelo found his mark. It was one of those knockouts that people are gonna be talking about. I don't have to hype up something we can see."

On the knockout being expected

"I don't think people expected the knockout to be this way. I think they expected Canelo to win, but I think that people expected that Amir Khan was gonna at least box him and take him into the rounds where Canelo would slow up or the big punch didn't land. One thing about big punchers, they always got a puncher's chance. But the matador didn't play the matador tonight. The matador didn't use the bull like he was supposed to. You know, the bull wins sometimes, too. So the matador got tangled and he paid a big price. That's the risk you take.

On Amir Khan

"One thing I can say, you gotta give Amir Khan a lot of credit. He didn't have to fight this fight. We got guys in weight divisions whether they came up or didn't, that don't wanna fight. The light heavyweight championship fight. How bad did you wanna see Adonis Stevenson fight Sergey Kovalev? When you look at guys like Amir Khan or throwback guys like myself, who went up two weight classes to fight Antonio Tarver, you gotta understand this. That is, to me, we got a thing in the street in Philadelphia called gangsta. That's not being negative, it's just saying you're doing things where people say, 'Wow, why'd he do that? I wouldn't have done it.' Well, you dare to be great, this is how you do it. Sometimes you're not the A-side. Sometimes you're not even the damn B-side. But you get there and you take these risks, and you bite off more than you can chew, and you surprise the critics? My God."

On Abel Sanchez saying Golovkin won't fight at 155

"Abel Sanchez better answer the phone tomorrow."

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