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Canelo Alvarez: There's no weight issue, I'll fight Golovkin at 160

Canelo Alvarez (very carefully) says that there's no issue from him with fighting Gennady Golovkin at 160 pounds.

On the comments about Golovkin after the fight

"I'm not in this sport because I'm afraid. People talk. They say this, that, that I'm afraid. I'm not afraid of anybody. I'm willing to fight any time."

On Abel Sanchez saying he doesn't have the balls to fight GGG

"He can come and touch them if he wants. He'll surprise himself."

On there being Mexican fans doubting Canelo

"I don't worry about that. I think that critics are always going to be critics, they're going to criticize me no matter what. All I worry about is winning fights. That's all I have to do."

On the KO of Amir Khan

"I feel great. It's an honor for me, I'm very happy. I never train for a knockout. I just do my job. I never look for it, but it happened. You never want to hurt anybody, but if we can win by knockout -- I feel honored. I want to continue to make history in boxing."

On inviting GGG into the ring and whether or not they spoke

"No. I invited him because I'm not afraid. I want to prove to him I'm not. Come up, no problem. We didn't have any words. But if we fight, we're gonna fight not because it's mandated. I don't care. We can fight for no belts. If we fight, we're gonna fight for honor and pride."

On if he will fight Golovkin in the fall as per the WBC agreement

"We talked about it a little before this fight. We talked about it at our house. I'm willing to make him an offer. I'd be happy not just to fight him but to beat him."

On Khan being difficult early

"He was a little difficult at first, but I knew I just had to keep my game plan. I knew I had to keep feinting. Feinting is what opened up that punch. It came and I knocked him out."

On tonight's performance boosting his confidence against Golovkin

"Every fight gives me experience. It's not particularly this victory, but every fight. I'm 25 years old, I'm so lucky with the experience I have and the fights I've had. I've worked hard. As far as GGG, if the fight happens, I'll be happy to do the fight. That's no problem."

On his concern after knocking out Khan

"We wanna win by knockout, but we never wanna hurt anybody. It's a sport, you don't want to hurt anybody. It was just my human reaction. I wanted to make sure he was OK."

On potentially at Estadio Azteca

"Yes, in fact, we've talked about it. I've talked with my team, with Golden Boy. I'd like to fight in Mexico sometime this year, possibly toward the end of the year."

On a weight issue against Golovkin

"There's not going to be any issue. No weight issues. I've talked with my team, we're going to give him an offer."

On whether that means he'll fight GGG at 160

"For me, there's no issue. I have a team, we're going to get together with my team. But I'll fight him at 160. There's no issue. We've talked about it at my house, but now we're going to sit down with my team and discuss it."

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