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Teddy Atlas talks Canelo vs Khan and calls out 'corrupt' sport and judges

Teddy Atlas was asked about the Canelo-Khan fight. He said a lot more, about some big issues in boxing.

"Pretty much what I thought would happen, that Khan would get ahead by following the blueprint that is out there, like Lara did, like Mayweather did. Movement, speed, outside boxing, keep him off balance. Being a bigger, stronger guy means nothing if you can't get set, and you need to get set to punch. Canelo needs to get set to punch. He couldn't get set to punch the first five rounds. Khan kept him off balance. For me, it was a whitewash for Khan.

"But Khan always makes a mistake. Always. Always. I don't think a lot of people are really hitting on what he did wrong. He started to throw a left hook. Why are you gonna throw a left hook in front of a guy you know is dangerous for you, is stronger than you, a guy you're beating on the outside with your speed, your reach, movement? Then all of a sudden you're gonna stop and throw a left hook? Well, he always makes mistakes like that. To the credit of Canelo, he was set and he caught him with a straight right hand. He even set it up a little bit. I don't think everyone saw that.

"What he did was, Canelo started to move over like he was gonna do something over here, bang! And he threw the right hand. That little bit of a subtle movement over here, it sets the punch up. It takes his eyes over here, boom, and then he throws the right hand. The opening was there because Khan was starting to throw a left hook, and the right hand came straight in. We're gonna make Canelo into a monster now. Not everyone loves the truth, but it's pretty simple. He did a good job, he caught him after losing the first five rounds. He's not a monster.

"I'm not taking nothing away from him. He scored a sensational knockout and he deserves to be celebrated for it. But he did what could be expected. If I could say it was gonna happen, then it's something that shouldn't be that much of a shock. The smaller man was too quick for him early on, but once he hit the smaller man, the smaller man's chin betrayed him. A chin that's been knocked out twice. A chin that's not that great. But to Canelo's credit, he was ready to launch that punch at the right time.

"Something that isn't good, and I hate to have to even say this -- I dunno, I don't even know if I should say it anymore. I almost don't know if I should care anymore. But if I stop caring I shouldn't be alive no more. I shouldn't be in this business no more. This is a corrupt sport. How one judge could have it four to one for Canelo -- really, they should arrest that judge. I wish we had some kind of federal oversight, like you had when baseball was having problems, all of a sudden the federal government would get involved. Nobody cares about the fighters? Nobody cares about the sport?

"I'm being really serious. There is no oversight. Who's gonna look into it? The sport takes care of itself. You have separate commissions. This is a case where I wish there was federal oversight. Not that I trust the government that much, but when baseball was having trouble with steroids and different situations in that sport, the federal government started talking, 'there's gotta be control, there's gotta be oversights, there's gotta be things put in place.' But nobody says that in boxing.

"And it needs to be said. No athlete risks themselves more and puts more on the line than fighters. There's no one looking to keep the sport clean. What a travesty it would've been -- let's say he continues to box, let's say that Khan didn't get caught with that punch. Oh my God, what a travesty it would've been to have him continue boxing that way and have him lose the fight. One judge have it four to one. Two judges had Canelo ahead. One judge had Khan ahead. But one judge had it four to one! How do you do that?

"Like I say on ESPN Friday Night Fights, or I used to say, it can only be one of two things: it can only be incompetence or corruption. And I don't believe anyone can be that incompetent not to see those rounds for what they were. Really, it's terrible. It's just terrible that a great sport, great athletes get in there and put so much on the line, put their life on the line, that the people that are supposed to look out for the sport, that they could be that corrupt and that poor and that bad. Something has to be done.

"Nobody's gonna look at it! We're all gonna celebrate the sensational knockout, and we're gonna talk about Golovkin, we're gonna talk about all these things. But what about that? What about the poor fighter coming down the pike that's gonna win a fight, ones that aren't on HBO and pay-per-view, ones we don't see, that happen every week. They go out there and give their all, they're ready to turn their life around, and change their life for their family, they got in there and they did it! And all of a sudden they get robbed. We don't even talk about it. We don't even see it. But they feel it. Those fighters feel it. That's all I gotta say."

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